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The following are common data entry errors in Notes.


The position 0°00′00.00″ N, 0°00′00.00″ E ("null island") seems fill up with general notes not necessarily related to OpenStreetMap. People drop notes there if the map is not loading on their devices or if a service is not properly configured it may locate its notes there.

Craigslist notes

Many notes in the USA are from which uses OSM data in their maps. Unfortunately, many of these notes are not applicable to OpenStreetMap because the error described in the note is a result of craigslist's separate geocoder and/or rendered tileset. Feel free to close the note if you're confident that the note only applies to craigslist.

A craigslist note is always anonymous and the description is as follows:

bounds: (xmin,ymin,xmax,ymax) brief sentence from the user stating: for example: "the map is wrong," "the address does not appear on my map", "address is in wrong location", "the map placed me in the incorrect city;"

An example note:

bounds: (26.2924, -98.2023, -26.2881, -98.1919) Map is showing wrong data here. no aparese en el mapa

The URL's box=yes parameter is not used.

Maps.Me notes

Maps.Me, a mobile app, uses OSM data and allows users to report problems as OSM notes. These notes will contain the phrases "This is an auto-generated note from MAPS.ME application" and "#mapsme".

While these notes are often valuable, they are sometimes based on misunderstandings or old data, so should be treated with caution. See Maps.Me/Questionable OSM Edits for details.

Use of notes for adding a marker for personal use

OpenStreetMap notes are sometimes used by people familiar with other mapping services, mistakenly believing that they are designed for personal or publicity purposes. The following simple explanation of the notes functionality is directed specifically at those people (who might be referred here):

Thanks for adding a note to the OpenStreetMap data. It's quite common that people treat notes in the same way that they are used on other mapping services. This page has lots of detail, but essentially what you need to know is that in this particular case the notes functionality is intended as a way to communicate mapping errors and omissions only. Sometimes the difference between a personal note and one indicating a mapping omission is subtle, but if your note looks like it may have been added as a way to create a marker for private or publicity purposes you may find that another OpenStreetMap contributor 'resolves' the note (which means it's been marked as dealt with). Please refer to this help question for thoughts on what are appropriate methods of displaying personal markers.