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The following third part applications use the Notes feature:

  • JOSM supports these actions for notes: Download in area, search, create new, comment, close or reopen. See the notes dialog help.
  • OsmAnd's latest versions support opening, commenting on, and closing Map Notes (also through a plugin that you need to activate through the app settings). See: OsmAnd > Features > OSM Editing plugin
  • OSM Note (live): a mobile web interface for dropping notes
  • HSL Navigator prototype (live): a mobile web app using OSM data and OpenTripPlanner
  • encourages its users to add business listings, with the fields placed within a note.
  • Locus, a mobile app, can show and create notes and you can comment on them.
  • Mapbox OSM comments system created by Mapbox (and used by their data team) can track and filter notes as well as changeset discussions. Read more on the blog
  • Vespucci, a mobile app, has supported Notes creation, viewing and creation since version 0.9.0 released in August 2013, replacing the previous OSM Bugs support.
  • StreetComplete, a mobile app allowing you to create notes. This app is also allowing users to indirectly edit OSM by answering to simple questions - answering using note is available in situation where due to unexpected or outdated OSM data question makes no sense. For example user asked about opening hours of shop that does no longer exists may create note "Shop Foobar is no longer existing".
  • Download OSM Notes as GPX file from a boundingbox using a tool by richlv in perl, or a tool by SomeoneElse in java (which can also get "fixmes"). The website tool on seems to no longer exist. The Notes #Notes API also supports GPX format directly.
  • Download OSM Notes as KML file via (e.g. for MAPS.ME bookmarks)
  • NotesReview: a web interface for searching notes by a keyword
  • Notes Map: shows Notes with different icons depending on the content