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Community Update From 09 June 2010 to 16 June 2010

Image Of the Week


Encouraging locals to contribute local POI information. Pins on a map at Spacemakers Brixton mini mapping party

Project of The Week

Holiday (Vacation) Spots

OSM is becoming a very useful resource for visiting unfamiliar locations. A really good example is Paphos, Cyprus because loads of useful things are shown on the map - Hotels, restaurants, banks, tourist attractions etc.

This weeks project is to re-visit the map of the last place you went on holiday and add as many 'tourist' features as you can remember, to make it easier for the next visitor. You can do this from memory, by looking through your holiday photos, or of course going there again to check details!

Mailing Lists Talks

OSM in WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha now displays an OSM map when you ask information of a city

Cable distribution cabinets (tagging@)

Originally about the tag for small cabinets that distribute electricity to homes.

Evolved in a new discussion about the power=* tags that don't mean in English what their tags suggest: a power station is power=generator, a power substation is power=station and then there's power=substation


highway=motorway/motorroad implications (tagging@)

Question on what these tags should imply (e.g. oneway=yes, bicycle=no...) Usual discussion that these tags mean different things in different countries.

Aerodrome classification (tagging@)

Currently all airports, airfields and heliports are just tagged with aeroway=aerodrome and we can an extra tag to discern between international airports and small airstrips. But what should be the basis for this classification? Some want to use numbers like the amount of air movements, other want a more subjective approach. And then there's the question of which tag to use (aeroway=airstrip, aeroway=small, importance=3...)

Discussion also over here the talk page

Tagging proposals (tagging@)

Fitness trails

The proposition suggest a relation with the type=route and route=fitness_trail to represent the fitness trail.


Typical exercise post

Blog Posts