Project of the week/2010/Jun 06

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A typical historic=ruin

This week's project: "Holiday (Vacation) Spots"

OSM is becoming a very useful resource for visiting unfamiliar locations. A really good example is Paphos, Cyprus because loads of useful things are shown on the map - Hotels, restaurants, banks, tourist attractions etc.

This weeks project is to re-visit the map of the last place you went on holiday and add as many 'tourist' features as you can remember, to make it easier for the next visitor. You can do this from memory, by looking through your holiday photos, or of course going there again to check details!

Things we can Tag

Where to Stay

tourism=hotel Hotels (remember to add a 'name' tag so people can search for it!)

tourism=guest_house Guest Houses

tourism=camp_site Camp Sites

Things to Do

tourism=information Tourist Information

tourism=attraction Tourist Attractions

tourism=museum Museums

historic=ruins or historic=castle Abbeys / Castles etc.

Eating and Drinking

amenity=restaurant Restaurants

amenity=fast_food Fast Food vendors.

amenity=cafe, amenity=bar, amenity=pub Cafes, bars, pubs etc.


shop=supermarket, shop=convenience Supermarkets to buy food

amenity=bank, amenity=atm Banks, Cash Machines

amenity=pharmacy Pharmacies