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Community Update From 02 August 2010 to 08 August 2010

Image Of the Week

Participants graian alps mp.JPG

Participants of Graian Alps Mapping Party, the second event on Italian mountain. We were guest of Gran Paradiso National Park at the hunting lodge of King

Project of The Week

Adding trees to OpenStreetMap.

General news

Mailing Lists Talks

Kyrgyzstan crisis ( on talk@ )

An announce has been made about the availability of UNOSAT imagery for Kyrgyzstan. The WMS address is only available for those who ask it but the imagery seems to be really good. The coordination of the work goes on WikiProject_Kyrgyzstan.

Problem about naming and postfix ( on talk@ )

In some languages / country the name of a place can be multiple parts agregated. Like we have "New York City", "State of New York","New York metropolitan area"... in the type of the place is one part of the name (State, City,..) and can be in the same word than the name. This is a problem that many people experiences when there are using nominatim for example.

Non Roman letters rendering in map ( on talk@ )

There was some discussion about non Roman letters like Arabic and Japanese on map of those country. These are the reflect of the reality but in the other hand are quite difficult to read for someone who doesn't know the alphabet. Someone pointed out the use of [1] to display a map in a certain language with the use of the name:locale_code=* ( ie name:fr=États-Unis d'Amérique )

Tagging proposals ( tagging@ )

Extend post box

Extend post box. It purpose to have an addition to the commonly used attributes to describe a post box. physical type, apertures, type of mail,...

Tagging discussions (tagging@)

Blog Posts