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Community Update From 11 October 2010 to 17 October 2010

Image Of the Week


OSM map of Merida[1], Venezuela. Data by Fundacion GeoHorizontes de Venezuela. Data collected by HernanRamirez.

Project of The Week : Potlatch 2

. The Project of the Week is to take Potlatch 2 for a spin. It's probably best if you already have Potlatch experience. Use Potlatch 2 for your regular editing this week. Let the developers know about the things that you think they did really well in Potlatch 2. Also let them know about any bugs that you uncover, and how to duplicate them. If you find something that could be documented in a manner that is more understandable, let them know about that as well.



Mailing Lists

Promoting of "Swimming pool"

Proposed a long time ago, the feature leisure=swimming_pool was widely used (more than 8000 times), but never added to the main feature page. It's now done. It's now part of globally recognised features of osm.


Free Flying Proposed to the vote

Since there were no much changes and comments, the previously described feature is now "voting" phase.


Voting Or not Voting?

The author of the proposition of the tag craft=* ask the list about his surprise when he discovered that his recently "voted" and "accepted" tag was removed from the Map Features. While this removal seems to be a mistake, it relaunch an old debate about the voting process. The "Voting"/"Approval" process is quite misleading for some people. In fact, they would rather call it something like "show your design and let's improve it together." or "express you opinion about this". Other claims that the Map Features are not a list of "Approved" features but a list of commonly used features.

Previous Related discussions


Place Names consistency

A contributor point out a problem of consistency with the language used to show places names on the default OSM render. Some places use the English form of in the tag name=* and others use the country's language. Normally, names should be the representation of what is written on signs and other forms should be tagged as name:*=*.

If you want to see a map only in one language, check this server.


Critiques of OSM

Someone has done a blog post about some criticism of the website and the main render of OSM (mapnik). While this tries to be constructive, some contributeurs where tough with the writer. It generates a lot of discussions what need to be done and how to it.


Code of Conduct

Some users wants to set up a Code of conduct for contributers. This kind of agreements are common in other open sources projects (like ubuntu,...).

A draft has started on the wiki and is in discussion. Respect, Collaboration are the some of the topic of this CoC.

More And More


Thanks to User:Harry Wood for corrections in previous CU.