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A continuous sidewalk crossing (or blended crossing) is an intersection of a sidewalk and a crossroad where vehicles have to cross the sidewalk to continue.

Continuous sidewalk can have legal implication, for instance in France a car driver crossing a sidewalk must give way to others.

This page is a draft, please use and experiment.

Continuous sidewalk and continuous cycleway at the entrance of boulevard de Denain in Paris

How to tag

There are multiple features that can be tagged:


The easiest way to tag a continuous sidewalk is to use

on the node marking the intersection between the road and the sidewalk.

This tag implies the layout of the junction (kerbs, traffic calming, continuous sidewalk surface, etc.) and the legal implication (e.g., give way) if any.

For more details mapping:

To tag the length of the continuous sidewalk you can use the same tag on the way of the road and the footway from the start to the end of the crossing.

Or use the combination:

For junctions of a road and a cycleway where the cycleway is continuous use on the intersection node:
on the way:


Ref Image Example What to tag How to tag
Bd de Denain continuous sidewalk1.png
On road/footway intersection node only Add continuous_sidewalk=yes on the intersection node between the sidewalk way and the road.
Bd de Denain continuous sidewalk3.png
Continuous cycleway on intersection node of a cycleway Add continuous_sidewalk=yes on the intersection node between the cycleway and the road.
Bd de Denain continuous sidewalk2.png
On the way of the footway way Add continuous_sidewalk=yes on the footway way making the intersection.
Bd de Denain continuous sidewalk4.png
Continuous cycleway on the cycleway way Add continuous_sidewalk=yes on the cycleway way making the intersection.
Bd de Denain continuous sidewalk5.png
Continuous sidewalk on road way Add continuous_sidewalk=yes on the road way making the intersection.

Traffic calming

One purpose of a continuous sidewalk is to slow car traffic for the safety of pedestrians. This can be map on the node or on the way (in the length of the bump) with:

Use this tag only if there is a real traffic calming layout, if no kerbs and no elavation change, it should not be considered as such.

Don't use traffic_calming=table for continuous sidewalk, the layout is different.


Continuous sidewalk have no kerbs on the way of pedestrians but have kerbs on the way of vehicles. This can be tagged on nodes or ways with:

And with laterelized version kerb:right=* and kerb:left=*


Example of this tag pattern can be found around node this node.

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