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Referenz auf ein Bild des Objekts Beschreibung bearbeiten
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Der Schlüssel image wird verwendet, um ein extern gehostetes Foto, das unter Open Source verfügbar ist, zu verknüpfen.

Wie mappen?

Der Wert des Tags sollte aus einem Link zu einem Bild bestehen, dass das Objekt darstellt.

Es gibt mindestens drei gängige Möglichkeiten zum Formatieren des Links:

  • URL oder URI des Fotos
  • URL oder URI einer Seite mit dem Bild neben Copyright-Informationen und anderen Details
  • ein Wikimedia Commons Dateiname (formatiert als File:image.jpg)

Unresolved issues

This key only allows one image to be linked, which may not be sufficient for all use cases. Furthermore, it has been pointed out that image tags are highly subjective, as well as susceptible to spam and/or edit wars, and therefore perhaps might not be well suited for OSM. Alternative approaches have been suggested to avoid these issues while still fulfilling the same needs as the image tag, but none has been widely accepted so far.

Other considerations are related to choosing an image to be linked:

  • Images stored on well-known platforms (e.g. Wikimedia Commons, Flickr) offer the benefit of machine-readable licenses – without this feature, only PD images could legally embedded into maps and applications. However, it is unclear whether this should be a requirement.
  • Images under a free license may be preferable over less generously licensed images. Again, there is not yet a consensus whether to make this a requirement.

Siehe auch

  • Photo linking - (en) Create links between OSM features and external pictures
  • wikimedia_commons=* - Zeigt einen Link zu Bildern oder Bildkategorien auf Wikimedia Commons über diesen Karteninhalt
  • mapillary=* - Referenzcode für ein Mapillary-Bild
  • 3dmr=* - (en) for linking 3d models on the 3D Model Repository
  • Proposed features/Image – inactive proposal trying to define the image=* key (cancelled votes on talk page). Note that the proposal's definition isn't necessarily consistent with existing uses.
  • Talk page of this page and proposal talk page – discuss the unresolved issues and the wording of this page
  • If you want to reference an aerial image which was used while mapping the object than you should consider using source_ref=*.