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Etiquetas sugeridas

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Como mapear

Esta etiqueta se debe utilizar en combinación con tourism=artwork.


Ver a continuación sugerencias de uso para la etiqueta artwork_type=*.

  • architecture
  • mural
  • painting
  • sculpture
  • statue
  • bust
  • stone
  • installation
  • graffiti
  • azulejo
  • tilework

Ver a continuación sugerencias de uso para la etiqueta exhibit=artwork

  • exhibit=artwork for pieces of art
  • exhibit=* for other objects that do not qualify as art

Other ideas for tags include:

  • exhibit=history for exhibits about history (contrast with historic=* for exhibits of historic artifacts).
  • exhibit=science for exhibits about science at children's museums or science centers.
  • exhibit=biographical for exhibits about the life of a specific person.

[DRAFT] Ejemplo sugerido

Nodo: Autoretrato (6181874776) =

Key Example value/s URL
artist:wikidata Q3724491
artist_name Emilio Pettoruti
artwork_type painting
description Autorretrato de Pettoruti es un óleo pintado en 1918....
key:exhibit artwork
indoor yes
level 1
name Autoretrato
source survey
start-date 1918
tourism artwork
wikidata Q27954484
wikipedia es:Dinamica_del_viento