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uMap es un servicio web de código abierto (licencia de software WTFPL) que permite crear mapas con capas de OpenStreetMap en un minuto e incrustarlos en tu sitio web. Puedes crear mapas personalizados (ver ejemplos en su página web).





Some of the more expressive maps made with uMap:


Built using Django (Python) and Leaflet (JavaScript). It also uses the modules django-leaflet-storage and Leaflet.Storage.

Translations are available on Transifex:

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  • offers drawing geometries, displaying markers according to coordinate tables, overlay GPX or KML data, and finally share your map even privately.
  • ShareMap is a flash based online tool to create geometric elements on a background map (OSM among others), display GPX or KML files, import elements from OSM API via overpass-api and finally save the result in different formats for different purposes.
  • is a similar web service