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To describe the type of a community centre Edit or translate this description.
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The community_centre tag is used to describe the type of an object tagged as amenity=community_centre.

A community centre can have many forms in different cultures, and serve different kinds of communities, thus it is useful to characterise it further.

How to use

Create a polygon for the area of the campus of the community centre, comprising buildings and related open space. Tag with amenity=community_centre and community_centre=*.

If the facility serves a particular target group, add community_centre:for=*.

When there is no open space, tag the building. If the geometry of the centre is not known yet, or the centre occupies just a few rooms in a larger building, use a node.

Possible Values

Tag Description
community_centre=village_hall A non-religious hall in rural areas, particularly in the centre of a village
community_centre=community_hall A non-religious hall, more general than in the centre of a village. Specific target groups can be added, e.g. community_centre:for=senior
community_centre=parish_hall Assembly/festivity rooms of religious communities, which are no place of worship
community_centre=youth_centre A facility that provides room and potentially instructions for children, teenagers and/or young adults to spend their leisure time. Specify the target group with community_centre:for=juvenile or community_centre:for=child. You can also give precise age ranges with min_age=* and max_age=*.
community_centre=family_centre A facility that focusses on parents spending time with their children. You can add community_centre:for=family
community_centre=cultural_centre A facility providing space for cultural activities for all ages, see Wikipedia.
community_centre=language_centre A facility providing space for activities related to a particular language, beyond being a simple language school, e.g. Goethe-Institute for German activities in foreign countries.
community_centre=meeting_room A place for holding meetings, lectures, courses in a community; in a smaller setting than a hall.
community_centre=events_venue A community-driven space for holding events. See also amenity=events_venue for places where events are commercially organised.
community_centre=club_home A facility of a particular club or association.
community_centre=environment_centre A facility hosting environmental activists and organisations.
community_centre=* Further values are possible if needed.