Findlay, Ohio

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Findlay, Ohio

latitude: 41.0383, longitude: -83.6482
Browse map of Findlay 41°02′17.88″ N, 83°38′53.52″ W
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Findlay is a city in Ohio at latitude 41°02′17.88″ North, longitude 83°38′53.52″ West.

Notable Features

  • The University of Findlay
  • Owens Community College
  • Marathon Oil Company
  • Cooper Tire
  • Victorian Homes

How to tag a Victorian House in Findlay

Findlay has many Victorian era houses. To tag them appropriately please use the following tags.

name=* (If the house has a proper name)

Address tags



website=* (If the house has it's own website)

building:levels=* (How many floors the building has, starting from floor 1.)

If you would like to go above and beyond please use these tags additionally.

building:material=* (What is the building made out of?)

building:colour=* (What colour is the building?)

roof:colour=* (What colour is the roof?)

roof:shape=* (What is the general shape of the roof?)

How to Tag a Painted Fire Hydrant in Findlay

If you come across a painted fire hydrant that you would like to tag just follow these steps.