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Proposal Data Conversion Work Plan Import Guide Progress

Welcome to the Import Guide. This page and its direct links are the main point to actively participate in this addresses import. In case of doubts you can ask for help through the talk-br list or Telegram Ceará.

Preliminary steps

These are the steps to take before you start.

  • If you don't already have a user on this wiki, create an account on this wiki. Add this page to your watchlist (the star Vector skin - page not in the watchlist.png that appears in the top menu when you are already logged in). In that way you will receive notifications every time the guide is updated.
  • The tasks are of an intermediate/advanced level. For more help with OSM, simply consult the instructional guide.
  • Create a dedicated user account to work exclusively on imports, separate from your normal account. In the description for the account profile write that it is used for the Addresses Import described in, source: Prefeitura Municipal de Fortaleza (Fortaleza City Council).
  • Install JOSM, the recommended editor for this import, if you have not already done so.

Importing data into JOSM

  • Open JOSM and import the SHP with the addresses.
  • Once the file has been imported, use JOSM validator to check for any error. Accept automatic correction suggestions.
  • Convert the tags to OSM standard as SHP files change this. Put them as addr:housenumber=* and so on.
  • Eliminate nodes that have no address (they only contain the neighborhood). To do this, in the JOSM search, enter the following expression (use the name of the desired neighborhood):
    • "addr:suburb"="Salinas" tags:1
    • Later, select all fetched nodes and delete them.
  • Now eliminate all nodes that do not contain a house number. To perform this task, proceed as follows:
    • Select all data.
    • In the JOSM search, enter the following expression: "addr:housenumber"=*
    • On the left side of the menu, select Remove from selection and search.
    • Delete all found results.
  • Use the validator again and see if there are still errors. If there are, such as duplicate house numbers, check case by case and perform the necessary fixes.
  • See if all nodes are correct or if there are any mismatched nodes on the map.
    • We suggest checking block by block, so it is easier to see any wrong or misplaced data.
    • You can also better organize the nodes by aligning them (select the desired nodes and press the L key).

With that, we finally have all the data ready to import! The import should not be done yet, as we need to check the data that already exists in the OSM and carry out the conflation.

Data conflation

Having finally got the data clean and ready, we need to check if any of these addresses are already in OpenStreetMap, so that there is no duplicate information, or to check if there is better quality information already mapped. For this, we will use Overpass Turbo and the Conflation plugin.

  • Initially we look for addresses already mapped. For this, we use the Overpass turbo, with the following code:
try it yourself in overpass-turbo
{{geocodeArea:Salinas, Fortaleza}}->.searchArea; //search here the desired neighborhood

// print results
out meta;
out meta qt;
  • Then export the data to JOSM by clicking the top menu - Export - load data into an OSM editor - JOSM.
  • If there is little data, adjust each one manually. Check address by address, and update in OSM if data is better. After verifying, delete these addresses from the JOSM address file so that there is no duplication when importing.
  • If there is a lot of data, with JOSM open, use the Conflation plugin. Follow instructions on the plugin page itself.
  • With this plugin, check all pointed data one by one.
  • Finally, clean up the duplicate data, if any.

Data upload

Having the data ready for upload, some points should be noted. Initially, observing the import guidelines, a specific user must be used for the import. If this is not observed, the data can be reversed and the account can be blocked by the DWG.

In addition, add a description about the upload, adding the hashtag #ImportPMFaddresses and as the data source the Prefeitura Municipal de Fortaleza (Fortaleza City Council). If you have used a satellite image, add it also in the source, separating it with a semicolon, such as "Prefeitura Municipal de Fortaleza; Ortofotos Fortaleza 2016".

Finally, do not send a massive send of data at once, so as not to overload the server.

In summary, these steps must be done (in more detail again in the import guidelines):

  • Check again that you are authenticated with your specific import account and not your usual OSM account.
  • Make a brief description of the edition, adding the project-specific hashtag. For example: Addresses import #ImportPMFaddresses
  • Add the data source, which in this case is the Prefeitura Municipal de Fortaleza (Fortaleza City Council). In case of satellite image, also add, for example, "Prefeitura Municipal de Fortaleza; Ortofotos Fortaleza 2016".

Thank you very much for your contribution!