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The following members of the OpenStreetMap Foundation are standing for election as officers at the Annual General Meeting on August 11, 2007. If you wish to stand for election please add you name below. A proposer and seconder is not required.

Nominations for this election will close on Tuesday August 7, 2007 and the vote for each position will be called and counted at the AGM on August 11, 2007.

The following positions are available:

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Member at Large 1
  • Member at Large 2
  • Member at Large 3

Each member of the Foundation has a single vote for each position and may vote in person at the Annual General Meeting or by an email proxy as described below.

Name Proposed by Seconded by Position Notes
Etienne Cherdlu User:Steve Blackadder Treasurer
Blackadder Etienne Chris Secretary
Richard Gagravarr Tom Hughes Member at large Volunteering to serve in the role of press officer/media co-ordinator
Corey Burger Member at Large
Michael Collinson Blackadder Member at Large Volunteering to serve in the role of membership secretary
Mikel Maron Steve8 Etienne Member at Large I'd like to serve as external affairs officer, assisting external organizations, companies, governments in using and contributing to OSM.
Ray Booysen Grant Slater Member at Large. Would like to work more in encouraging mapping and activity in Africa

Proxy Votes

If you are a member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation, but will be unable to attend the AGM you may still vote by proxy. To do this you should send a message to the following email addresses containing details of your votes:

To:    (User:Imi, OSMF secretary)
cc:  (User:bobkare, Independent scrutineer)
cc: (User:randomjunk, Independent scrutineer)
Subject: OSMF Vote 2007    

You have five votes. Your email should simply list the names of up-to five candidates you wish to vote for. Any other content of your email will be ignored. Any conditions or qualifiers attached to your vote will be ignored. Listing more than five candidates will be considered a spoiled vote. Emails not copied to both independent scrutineers may also be considered as spoiled votes.

Voting by email is open immediately, although new candidates may still be proposed until Tuesday August 7th. Voting by email closes at midnight BST (GMT+1) on Friday August 10th. Votes after that time should be made in person at the AGM.