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The donated server Benzene is currently using TileStache to proxy imagery for the locations in the table below. The tiles are hosted at the following location: http://{a,b,c}<layer_id>/{zoom}/{x}/{y}.jpg. The DNS prefixes a, b, and c can speed up tile access.

For iD use the follow URL for a custom background:

  • http://{switch:a,b,c}<layer_id>/{zoom}/{x}/{y}.jpg

For JOSM use the first if max_zoom is known, otherwise use the second:

  • tms[<max_zoom>]:http://{switch:a,b,c}<layer_id>/{zoom}/{x}/{y}.jpg
  • tms:http://{switch:a,b,c}<layer_id>/{zoom}/{x}/{y}.jpg

For Potlatch 2:

  • http://${a|b|c}<layer_id>/{zoom}/$z/$x/$y.jpg

To add a layer, please send a message to Ian.

Layer ID Name Vintage Proxy Source Max zoom Notes
usgs_large_scale USGS Large Scale Imagery, US Various link
usgs_hro USGS High Res Ortho, US Various link
usgs_naip USGS National Aerial Imagery Program, US Various link
usgs_scanned_topos USGS Scanned Topographic Maps, US Various link
id_pocatello_2009 City of Pocatello, ID, US 2009 link
il_cook_2009 Cook County, IL, US 2009 link
md_6in_2011 State of Maryland, US 2011 New direct source
mn_hennepin_2010 Hennepin County, MN, US 2010 link
mn_scott_2010 Scott County, MN, US 2010 link
mn_carver_2008 Carver County, MN, US 2008 link
mn_anoka_unk Anoka County, MN, US Unknown link
nc_2010 State of North Carolina, US 2010 link
nd_fargo_2011 City of Fargo, ND, US 2011 link
ne_lincoln_2007 Lincoln, NE, US 2007 link
tn_hamilton_2010 Hamilton County, TN, US 2010 link
ut_2009 State of Utah, US 2009 link
va_2006 State of Virginia, US 2006 link
vt_2009 State of Vermont, US 2004,2008,2009 link
wi_milwaukee_2010 Milwaukee County, WI, US 2010 link
wi_waupaca_2010 Waupaca County, WI, US 2010 link
wi_wood_2010 Wood County, WI, US 2010 link

Other Potential Sources