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Manual version 2

Stuck with your Waylens camera? Look here for common issues / solutions, tips and tricks. The manual is embedded to the right, click to open.

Getting Support

Contacting devs


There is a Waylens users Slack channel on the OSM US Slack space. This is generally the best way to get a quick answer. Other users and Telenav staff are on there. The channel is invite-only, ask in #general for an invite.


#openstreetcam exists on the OFTC network. Not much going on there.


(former email commented out in the wiki source of this section) bouncing, will add a new one if/when it comes to light.

Collecting logs to help with troubleshooting

To collect logs to send to developers for help with troubleshooting bugs, follow these steps:

  • Perform that action that is failing (for example, attempt an upload)
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the menu
  • Swipe right for the second menu page
  • Tap on System
  • Tap on Version
  • Double tap quickly anywhere in the version detail screen
  • Tap on copy log
  • Plug the camera into a computer's USB port using the non-GPS charging mount
  • Answer Yes to enabling USB mode
  • The camera will appear as a USB storage device on your computer
  • Open the log directory
  • Zip up the contents of this directory and email the zip file to Telenav

Common Queries

Related to normal use

Where can I check out my recordings?

You can go to and log in with your account.

Click on your name in the upper right corner to load your track list.

Can Waylens connect to multiple wireless networks?

Yes. In fact, it is a good idea to have multiple (known to be safe, like some public libraries) places along a trip to upload the data; OSM can help you locate appropriate locations due to the internet access=* tag.

How long does it take for the OBD-II to connect?

It usually takes 1-2 minutes for the connection to be done. If for some reason the connection fails, please turn the Bluetooth off and on again.

Do I need to also take the OBD and mount out of the car when I take the Waylens out?

No, you can leave both of them in the car.

How do I use the remote?

The remote is not a necessary accessory to be used in the recording process. The camera is thought to work without human interaction. We don't troubleshoot issues that might arise from remote usage.

Is the camera recording audio?


What’s the best place to position the camera?

Place the mount in the middle of the windshield to take advantage of the camera’s wide angle.

How do I reset my camera?

Menu > System > Factory reset

How do I update the firmware?

Open the Waylens app and make sure you are logged in.

Connect the Waylens camera to a wireless network.

If the firmware version is outdated, the app will notify you that there is a new version available and you can click on download.

If you dismiss that pop-up by accident, you can always update it manually:

Profile > Camera Setting > Firmware > Update available

If Firmware updating doesn't work, try connecting your phone to the camera using Hotspot mode. Or you can update it using the SD card:

Locate the firmware file using a file manager app on your phone. On Android phones, the file will be located in the folder: waylens/downloads/firmware/ The file has a very long name and ends in .tsf

Get the file off of the phone (email it to yourself or use Dropbox or Google Drive, etc)

Either attach the camera to your computer's USB port using the charging mount and say "Yes" to switching into USB storage mode OR remove the card from the camera and use an SD card reader to plug it into the computer.

Copy the firmware file to the SD card or camera and safely remove it from the computer ("Eject" the drive in windows)

(Re)boot the camera. It will detect the firmware file and initiate the upgrade and then remove the file when it is done.


My recording is stuck in processing. What can I do?

If you encounter this situation, it means that the track has a hard time passing through our servers and showing up on your profile. We’re constantly working on improving our project’s server side and strive for stabilizing these backend issues. An improved processing pipeline will be released soon.

My uploads failed several times in a row.

Try to restart the upload; if it fails again, restart the camera and initiate the upload process once again.

While doing this, make sure the camera is located in good wireless range.

My upload was finished, and the camera started to record again.

Make sure that when you take your camera in to charge it and upload your data, you are be using the small mount provided in the package, which doesn't have the capacity to receive GPS signal.

By using the bigger mount, the flow of events triggers the camera to start recording, because it is receiving coordinates from it.

My camera can’t seem to receive GPS signal.

Check if the car charger is properly plugged in and sending power to the mount and also verify if the camera is hooked up to the mount, with no space in between (listen for the clicks when you connect them). If you checked all of the above and the issue still persists, allow it a couple of minutes for the satellites to locate the camera.

No GPS at all? Write to us.

My camera is overheating.

The camera is designed to operate at high temperature.

If you see a heating warning, let it cool down for a couple of minutes and resume using it afterwards.

The OBD drains my car battery. What can I do?

The OBD is designed to draw very little power, but if this happens, please remove the dongle before you get out of the car. Some users have reported that they have more trouble starting their cars when the dongle is inserted. In that case, taking out the dongle after driving and inserting it after you have turned on the car ignition will help.

I keep receiving errors while the OBD-II is plugged in.

Please disconnect the dongle if this issue persists and e-mail us your car model information.

We try to cover compatibility matters over several models, but your car might not be listed yet.

My camera froze several times.

Perform a factory reset and if the issue still persists after that, please get in touch with us.