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The student projects that have been accepted to take part in the 2020 Google Summer of Code (GSoC) are listed below, along with the OSM mentor(s) assigned to the student.

Student name Mentors Project title and description OSM project Documentation of project progress Completed
Sudhanshu Agarwal Refactor PT Assistant

JOSM [1]
Kishan Tripathi Fix and Improve Mapillary Plugin for JOSM

Mapillary plugin is used to extract street-level imagery so they can be used for better editing in JOSM. Currently the basic implementation of the plugin is complete with a few bugs, but still there's lot of room for improvements. The main idea of this project is to keep the plugin bug free and to allow better editing of both OSM data and Mapillary images and to make the plugin easier to use.

JOSM JOSM/Plugins/Mapillary/GSoC 2020
K Rahul Reddy
  • Sarah Hoffmann
  • mtmail
Adding Search suggestions for

OSM’s main search engine Nominatim does not support search suggestions. A separate database, which should be derived from the Nominatim database, should be set up for search suggestions. This DB should support regular updates from Nominatim DB. This must handle various languages. It must be small enough to run alongside Nominatim.

This project aims at setting up such a search suggester by comparing various alternative implementations like Elasticsearch, Solr. These suggesters set up indexing to facilitate quick suggestions to the users. The finalized stack will be integrated with the Nominatim search API. Complete installation and setup documentation along with a test suite will be created as a part of this project.

Nominatim diary
Rebecca Schmidt

Openstreetmap logo.svg Wikilogo.png Octicons-mark-github.svg

Indoorhelper plugin: BIM Import

The idea of this project is to extend the existing JOSM Plugin "indoorHelper" by an import feature for Building Information Modelling (BIM) files. With this import feature it will be possible to convert BIM modelled indoor data to OSM. See also Google_Summer_of_Code/2020/BIM_Import.

JOSM Google Summer of Code/2020/BIM Import
Daniel Weaver Simple Indoor Tagging Support for OSM2World

Whilst OSM2World currently renders buildings, street furniture and other outdoor objects in 3 dimensions there is no functionality to do this for indoor spaces. The aim of this project is to add support for rendering indoor spaces and objects such as rooms, corridors, stairs and elevators all from OpenStreetMap data.

OSM2World forum thread

final report


Overview of OSM's projects on the GSoC website