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Mapillary icon Mapillary
A plugin to integrate mapillary with JOSM

I will be creating a JOSM plugin that works with Mapillary as part of the 2015 Google Summer of Code. I'll be keeping track of the development at JOSM/Plugins/Mapillary/Development.


  • Download and show images from Mapillary. Icons appear on the map and the pictures can be viewed when clicked on them.
  • Export pictures to a local directory.
  • Import local pictures, modify it's position and direction and them upload them to Mapillary.
  • It is shown with a small icon which images have traffic signs on them.
  • Filter images depending on their origin and signs.
  • Upload imported images to Mapillary website.
  • Undo or redo latest actions.

Future features

  • Try to show a significant image when an image contains a traffic sign. At the moment just a generic one is shown. (Limitations with size).
  • Improve traffic signs download system, there are issues with signs from some packages, e.g. Brazil.
  • New API features from Mapillary will be released soon, the following things should be added:
    • They relesead MapillaryJS with support for 3D points placed in the scene via Javascript (e.g. POIs, or Mapillary objects like signs). We could maybe improve the routing buttons in the dialog with the picture.
    • Change images position, orientation, precision,...
    • Show exact position of the signs in the map, as an icon by themselves.


Download images in current view

Go to imagery menu and click on the Mapillary button, or just use the shortcut CTRL+Shift+M. Be patient, it may take a minute or two before the images show up.

Switch back and forth between the Mapillary layer and OSM layer

When the Mapillary layer is active, click on the button at imagery menu or use the shortcut above.

Select an image

Click on its icon. Then the image will be shown in the lateral dialog. If there is no dialog, a new button should be on the left bar. If you click on it the dialog will show. There are also multiple ways to selecte more than one image:

  • Double click to select the whole sequence.
  • Ctrl+click to add a single image to the selection.
  • Shift+click to select a range of images.

Delete an image/images

Select an image or a set of then and then press DEL key. This will delete them from the map.

Export images

In the file menu, there is a export images button. It will open a new window where you can choose what you want to export and when.

History dialog

Another toggle dialog on the left bar. You can see latest commands and revert them.


You there is a new button button in the left side bar. It will open a new dialog that lets you filter the images dependending on their origin and the signs they have.

Download modes

Manual download mode

Download mode can be changed from automatic to manual in the preferences menu. In the first tab there is a tab called Mapillary. In automatic mode (default), images are downloading automatically for the areas where there is OSM data. In manual mode, a button (File->Download Mapillary images in current view) is enabled that allows you to download all the images in the view rectangle. Manual mode will be automatically set if the area of the OSM data is bigger than a certain value. To prevent downloading too many pictures.

Semiautomatic mode

Download mode that behaves similar to the continuous download plugin. Whenever you zoom into an area where there is no Mapillary data available, it is automatically downloaded.

Automatic mode

Whenever a new OSM data rectangle is downloaded, the same area of the Mapillary database is downloaded.


New button in preferences menu. Allows you to login to Mapillary website using OAuth 2.0 protocol.

Walk mode

New button in "More tools" menu. It allows the user to set an interval and the selected picture will move forward periodically.


You can upload to the Mapillary server a set of imported images. There is a new button in file menu. After it, you will have to go to a webpage in order to manually approve the push.


You can find an overview of the different revisions of the plugin over on GitHub.

It's generally recommended to use the latest version available.

Old versions

This box contains descriptions for very old versions that are not included in the version list on GitHub. Show the contents by clicking the switch in the top right corner.

Version 31606 (v1.0.3)

  • The plugin was being compiled with java 8 and it was causing issues when executing with java 7.

Version 31496 (v0.9.4) Version 31482 (v0.9.2)

  • Issues when uploading images taken with the Mapillary app

Version 31480 (v0.9.1)

  • During the upload, the progress was not being properly updated.

Version 31477 (v0.9.0)

  • Error in the history dialog when moving first an image, and then a set containing that image.

Version 31331

  • #11698, click on website button opens a html code editor (unconfirmed).
  • When downloading multiple times, several objects represent the same image.

Version 31317

  • #11591, livelock and other issues when downloading big areas.

Version 31282

  • #11581. Download view area button not always shown.
  • Bug when creating new ways. Related to the selection of pictures from the OSM data layer.
  • Time is shown in GMT +2 instead of GMT.
  • Infinite cache loop. Every cache petition created more petitions, but they where ignored.
  • Buttons are not updated if more pictures are downloaded.

Version 31275

  • #11576, related with location download
  • Problems when extending a sequence with another download.
  • Title bar of the picture dialog not changing when detached.

Version 31272

  • #11574 and #11573, related to download of huge areas.
  • Problems when extending a sequence with another download.

Version 31215

  • You will get an error if you open the Mapillary layer having other layers active but none of them being the OSM layer.
  • Using JOSM version 8339 is not supported, use latest instead.