Gravesend Mapping Party 2009

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Where and when


Gravesend in Kent


10th/11th October 2009. (Saturday & Sunday)


  • Sunday 11th
    • 10am Coffee Republic, Gravesend again.
    • 2pm The Robert Pocock, Wetherspoons website (Extra Impromptu meet if you want to pop along)

What you need

  • A GPS: recommended, but not essential. We will lend you one. Please add your name and note below, so we can ensure we will have sufficient receivers.
  • You can use walking papers printouts if you don't have a GPS.
  • Laptop/PDA: again recommended, but not essential. There are some mapping and tracking programs out there which can be used for generating GPX files and displaying maps.
  • A camera: useful for mapping but also to have a nice souvenir

List of persons requesting receivers (and/or able to supply):



If you are interested in attending to the mapping party, you can sign down here (this is an informal list, just to see who may be coming). Use the tildes ~.

  • Peter Childs
  • Smsm1Will be in Dumfries instead.
  • Gregoryw (Saturday only)
  • "Round up the usual suspects!" --TimSC 20:48, 1 September 2009 (UTC)
  • Pray4mojo You guys have a habit of organizing these on the same day as Geocaching events. Will have to pass on the Saturday but maybe able to make the Sunday.
  • steve8 Will definately come down Sunday - as long as some other folks are going to definately be there
  • JennyH Keen to do slice 18 and/or 16.
  • Sign here


Slices for Mapping Party. Areas are not all the same size and may not all be as easy as they look. If you want to help with a particular area please put you name next to it. If you have local knowledge and know of better names of areas please amend, (Oh and add them to OSM please :) ) I've tried to put a mix, of ones suitable for people with different mapping methods/transportation..... If 2,3 and 7 look small watch out for the Cliff!

Gravesend Gravesham Borough
GravesendSlices.png GravesendAreaSlices.png


I'm sure there are some better names for these areas but they need finding and adding to the map!

The Comments are meant to help, Even areas marked done could do with verification and more details adding.... I've not really looked at the higher numbered areas >20 they are outlying rural areas and are likely to need quite a bit of work....

Many areas have road layouts sketched in from yahoo, but no names (See NoNames map). Slices to the East are just outside of yahoo aerial imagery coverage, hence no road layouts!

Slice # Description Who Comments
1 Gravesend Town Centre Mostly Done, Could do with some more detail, Micromapping/Footwork Needed.
2 Under Cliff to River (Asda) Mostly Done, Could do with more detail,
3 Top Of Cliff (Overcliff)
4 Gravesend Behind Station UrbanRambler 16:42, 9 October 2009 (UTC)
5 Windmill Street Gregoryw Surveyed. Data entered. Trace
6 Gravesend Riverside Some roads, named but some quite big gaps
7 London Road, To Northfleet (Large Church Overlooking River) Not Bad could do with Gaps filling and more detail
8 Perry Street
9 Wrotham Road A227 TimSC Done southern part only
10 Singlewell Road Street Paul Done
11 Echo Square Peter
12 Old Road East Peter
13 Dickens Road Gregoryw Surveyed. Data entered. Trace
14 Perry Street TimSC Done
15 Hever Court Road Paul Part done - the housing off Miskin Way Singlewell needs doing with house numbers - it's one of those areas with the names addressed being off the footpaths and unnamed service roads to rear - a really confusing place
16 Barr Road JennyH Roads where missing not even traced. On sat, got a good chunk of it done. Small bits still not explored.
17 Chalk Done
18 Claylane Wood JennyH Roads where missing not even traced. On Sunday, traced quite a number of them, but still more to go.
19 Perry Street TimSC Done
20 Northfleet Quite well done, (Done at Dartford Mapping Party)
21 Southfleet
22 New Barn Done by Steve8 Sun 11th
23 Shorne
24 Cobham
25 Sole Street
26 Hook Green
27 Longfield
28 New Ash Green
29 Luddesdown
30 Istead Rise Done by Steve8 Sun 11th
31 Meopham
32 Culverstone Green