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Mijenjamo licencu

OpenStreetMap stvara i pruža besplatne i slobodne zemljopisne podatke svima koji ih žele. Projekt je pokrenut jer većina karti za koje mislite da su besplatne, zapravo imaju zakonska ili tehnička ograničenja kod upotrebe, što sprječava ljude da ih koriste na kreativne, korisne i neočekivane načine.

OpenStreetMap pita postojeće suradnike koji su se registrirali prije 12.5.2010. da promjene licencu svojih doprinosa pod novim suradničkim uvjetima (na engleskom) ( čitljiv tekst, puni tekst ), koji omogućuje licenciranje pod Open Database License 1.0, "ODbL".

Daljnji tekst još nije preveden.

This page explains the basic reasons for the change and provides links to further resources with more detail.

Your contributions, however small, are very important to us and the contributors who build on them. Even you no longer wish to contribute, we still need your acceptance to keep them in our live database. We will soon begin the process of database re-building and hope to complete by 2012-04-01.

If you registered after 2010-05-12, you have already accepted the new terms and ODbL and need take no action.

If you have not already done so, please accept or decline the new contributor terms. 50,000 contributors have accepted and 380 have declined.

You can accept the new license and contributor terms here or from your API user settings page at You may have to log in first.

If you "Agree", you can continue editing.

If you "Decline", you can no longer edit, and your contributions will eventually be removed from the live database. You may return and "Agree" later if you wish.

What Are The Choices?

You can see the final draft of the page you will be presented with [here]

You have three choices.

  • Agree You agree to the new OpenStreetMap Contributor Terms, ( full text, human readable ) including re-licensing your contributions under the ODbL. Anything that you have contributed in the past will be available forever under CC-BY-SA. This includes anything you contribute from now until the license change-over actually happens ... this needs a critical mass of folks agreeing. From the change-over the database with new contributions you make will be available under ODbL. Read on to find out about the differences between the current and new license.
  • Agree, and I consider my contributions Public Domain Legally, this is the same as Agree. But it shows that you would prefer a simple license that just makes the data available to everyone without any restrictions at all. This will help define the future direction of OpenStreetMap.
  • Decline. You do not agree to the new OpenStreetMap Contributor Terms and, specifically, you refuse to re-license your existing contributions for use under the ODbL. Text displayed to people who decline.

What about my mapping area?

Click OpenStreetMap ODbL acceptance by region to see an independently-made measure of acceptance.

As of 2011-11-21, roughly 65% - 75% of OSM geodata worldwide is completely relicensable under ODbL. The least acceptance is in the UK with 69% of contributors. 8 countries score over 90% of contributors.