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Actual Board

Following the resignation of John Crowley, the actual board consists of Schuyler Erle, Mikel Maron, Harry Wood, Nicolas Chavent, Pierre Béland and Joseph Reeves.

Nominations to replace the vacant Board Seat

All current elected members of the team may be nominated to replace John. The current membership list is posted to Humanitarian OSM Team/Members

Nominations will be open until end of day (EST), March 22, 2013. They are simply added to the list below.

Name Nomination /
Nationality/Residence Why are they awesome? Notes
Heather Leson Mikel Maron / Jaakko Helleranta Canada Heather is a great partner at Ushahidi, RHoK, and all of the other volunteer and technical community activities she participates. She advocates for access to data and imagery for use and OpenStreetMap and believe having a strong basemap is vital for mapping through Ushahidi.


The election period will extend from March 29 to April 5, 23:59 EST.

Past Elections