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Authors: Xav, Christoph Böhme, Emka
Slippy map:

OpenStreetBugs was a database and website for marking errors in the OpenStreetMap data. It is now deprecated as its functionality has been replaced by Notes, a core feature of

Users of OpenStreetBugs could leave a short message on the map if something was missing or obviously wrong, like "oneway in wrong direction" or "bridge or level_crossing?". More information is available in the past revisions of this page.


  • ????: The idea and first implementation of OpenStreetBugs was developed by Xav. You can find his email by searching in the Talk archives or write him via his user page.
  • 2011: Creation of the Leaflet version of the site.
  • 2013 April: The functionality of OpenStreetBugs is added as a core feature of the [] website, in the form of the Notes feature.
  • 2013 October: Adding new bugs on OpenStreetBugs has been disabled. /Phase Out of OpenStreetBugs started, with users encouraged to use Notes.