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FixAddresses icon FixAddresses
Provides a handy way to find incomplete or invalid addresses
(1) FixAddresses Screenshot

The JOSM Plugin FixAddresses provides a handy way to find incomplete or invalid addresses.

I had the idea when I stumbled over addresses containing typos. It is a tedious task to find such errors, so I started to write this plugin to make this task more productive.

In this stage the plugin looks for addresses which have either no or a wrong street name. "Wrong" means here, that the name given in the address node does not match any street name in the map. Now there are two cases:

  1. Address node has already a (wrong) street name: Assign the address to a street (the plugin picks the street that matches best to the one given in the address node) OR
  2. Address node has no name: Guess the name by picking the way which is closest to the address node. This works in many, but not in all cases. So please verify the result before you accept the guessed value.

If you do not trust the "mechanic way", you may also just select the addresses and continue the fix with the JOSM built-in functions.

Icon JOSM Version Plugin Version Maintained By Date Maturity
Fixaddresses.png 6162 29971 OliverW September 27th, 2013 Beta

Revision History

Version Changes
29971 Fixes Ticket #8336 and Ticket #9047
27341 Implements feature Ticket #7169
27328 Fixes Ticket #7181
24942 Feature request: Zoom automatically to node when selected in on the incomplete address table.


Please refer to JOSM Plugin Page.


The function is started via ToolsFix unresolved addresses (Addressedit 24.png).

Then you see the dialog shown in the picture above. It consists of three parts

  • Street list in the upper-left area
  • Unresolved address list in the lower-left area
  • Map area in the right area. It shows the position of the selected address(es) (orange) and the nodes of the selected street (green).

The following table lists the functions available in the dialog. If you selected items in the street or address list, the operation is limited to the selection; otherwise every item in the list is processed.

Icon Function Availability
FixAddresses-Assignstreet 24.png Assigns the selected address(es) to the selected street A selected street and one or more selected addresses
FixAddresses-Guessstreets 24.png Guess street names by their location. A guessed item is indicated by a preceding star Address list contains items
FixAddresses-Applyguesses 24.png Applies all (selected) guesses. Selection contains guessed items
Selectall.png Selects the addresses in the map Address list/selection contains items
FixAddresses-Removeaddrtags 24.png Removes all address tags from the node or way. Address list/selection contains items

Further Features

  • The 'unresolved' and 'incomplete' addresses table can be sorted by clicking on the appropriate header
  • Postal codes are validated against a pattern. Supported countries are AT, AU, BR, CA, CH, CN, CZ, DE, DK, EE, ES, FI, FR, GB, GR, HR, HU, IL, IS, IT, JP, LA, LI, LT, LU, LV, ME, MX, NL, NO, PL, PT, RO, RU, SE, SI, SK, SL, SM, TR, UA and US. Please set option fixAddresses.ignorePostCode to true, if your country does not use postal codes at all.


Please report bugs or annoyances to me by either