Kent, Ohio

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Kent, Ohio, United States

latitude: 41.15214, longitude: -81.35488
Browse map of Kent 41°09′07.70″ N, 81°21′17.57″ W
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Kent is a city in Ohio, United States at latitude 41°09′07.70″ North, longitude 81°21′17.57″ West.

General Kent Mapping

The major features in Kent have more or less been mapped. However a lot of features that would be beneficial for locals such as appartment complex names or store names have not been mapped. This would be a great project for any local mappers!

Imagery (As of 2016)

Do not use Bing sat imagery while mapping in Kent! It was taken right before the major renovations started occurring and is horrifically out of date!

Please use mapbox sat imagery for the newest imagery in the area, or USGS for imagery that's about as old as Bing's but higher quality, and useful for tracing buildings that haven't been renovated.


Downtown Kent is mostly mapped. However the businesses are constantly changing! Please take note of improvements that could be made.

Kent State University

Kent State University is heavily mapped, but also kind of dated. Please take care to note obsolete features, and clean them up.

To Do