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Indicates the type of the parking space Edit or translate this description.
Group: Parking
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The parking_space key can be used together with amenity=parking_space to specify the type of parking space.

Common values

Value Description
normal A normal parking space with no restrictions to its use
disabled A parking space exclusively for use by those who are disabled. In some places this may be a legal restriction.
private A private parking space.
delivery A parking space only for use of vehicles when delivering
charging A parking space exclusively for charging electric vehicles, usually within or near to amenity=charging_station
bus A parking space exclusively for use by buses
motorcycle A parking space exclusively for use by motorcycles. See also amenity=motorcycle_parking
parent A parking space reserved for parents with children
staff A parking space for use by staff
hgv A parking space for use by HGVs
taxi A parking space for use by taxis waiting for costumers.
trailer Ambiguous, is this for the parking of trailers, or vehicles with trailers attached?

Other possible values

For a complete list of used values see taginfo.

Value Description
police A parking space for use by police

See Also

  • amenity=trolley_bay – Denotes a place where shopping trolleys are located. In supermarket car parks, these often replace a parking space.
  • footway=access_aisle – Marked footpath in a parking lot, typically between two parking spaces, to facilitate access to parked vehicles.