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Forms of power generated in a power plant and the rating if known Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: power
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Power plants can output multiple forms of energy. For example, a hydro plant will only output electricity, but a combined heat and power plant will typically output hot water and electricity. Add as many values as are relevant.

If the rating of the output is known, add a numerical value followed by the unit. Otherwise simply add yes. This value should be the peak rated output capacity (sometimes listed as MWp or MWe for power plants).

It is suggested to only use the point as decimal separator, for example 1.5 MW and not to use any commas.

plant:output:electricity yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
plant:output:hot_water yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
plant:output:hot_air yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
plant:output:cold_water yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
plant:output:cold_air yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
plant:output:compressed_air yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
plant:output:steam yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
plant:output:vacuum yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW

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