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Forms of power generated in a power plant and the rating if known Edit or translate this description.
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Power plants can output multiple forms of energy. For example, a hydro plant will only output electricity, but a combined heat and power plant will typically output hot water and electricity. Add as many values as are relevant.

If the rating of the output is known, add a numerical value followed by the unit. Otherwise simply add yes. This value should be the peak rated output capacity (sometimes listed as MWp or MWe for power plants).

plant:output:electricity yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
plant:output:hot_water yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
plant:output:hot_air yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
plant:output:cold_water yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
plant:output:cold_air yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
plant:output:compressed_air yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
plant:output:steam yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
plant:output:vacuum yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW

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