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Further information, if only special kind of books sold at a bookshop. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Shops
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The tag books=* may be used in combination with shop=books, amenity=library or amenity=public_bookcase to give further information if only special kind of books are sold. You can use several values, separated by semicolons, if the shop sells different kinds of books. For most of the common bookshops this tag will not be needed.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
books academic node area Sells academic books.
books anarchism node area Sells books related to Anarchism or is primarily a bookstore that functions as an autonomous social center (i.e., infoshop).
books antiquarian node area Sells antiquarian books.

Hint: You may use also shop=antiques, if not only books are sold.

books children node area Sells books for children.
books comic node area Sells comic books.
books discount node area Sells low-priced books.
books religion node area Sells religion books.

Hint: You may use also e.g. religion=christian, to specify which religion.

books erotic node area Sells erotic or pornographic books, often referred to as "adult" books. Also for use with shop=erotic.
books second_hand Use second_hand=* instead with yes (if it sell new and 2nd hand books), only (if it sell only 2nd hand books). If it sells various 2nd hand things like furniture, clothes, cars use shop=second_hand.

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