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Amateur Radio (ham radio) Edit or translate this description.
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Amateur Radio (ham radio) is a popular hobby and service that brings people, electronics and communication together.

communication:amateur_radio:callsign=* - amateur radio call sign assigned to the object

communication:amateur_radio:repeater=* - mark the location of a amateur radio repeater.

communication:amateur_radio:link=* - mark the path of a amateur radio link.

communication:amateur_radio:beacon=* - mark the location of a amateur radio beacon.

communication:amateur_radio:sota=* - mark the location of a peak in amateur radio Summits on The Air (SOTA) program.

communication:amateur_radio:wca=* - mark the object in amateur radio International award program “WCA – World Castles Award”.

communication:amateur_radio:wwff=* - mark the object in amateur radio World Wide Flora & Fauna award program.