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Used on these elements
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Useful combination

Relation:destination sign

Status: in usePage for proposal

The key destination:symbol=* should be used to indicate that a special symbol/icon is present on a signpost, visible as road marking or similar.


Key variation Valid for Description
destination:symbol Way Describes the destination symbol for the complete OSM way. Worthwhile only if used in combination with oneway=yes.
destination:symbol:forward Direction Describes the destination symbol for all lanes of the OSM way, running in the same direction as the way itself.
destination:symbol:backward Direction Describes the destination symbol for all lanes of the OSM way, running in the opposite direction as the way itself.
destination:symbol:lanes Lane Describes the destination symbol for each lane of the OSM way. Worthwhile only if used in combination with oneway=yes.
destination:symbol:lanes:forward Lane Describes the destination symbol for each lane of the OSM way, running in the same direction as the way itself.
destination:symbol:lanes:backward Lane Describes the destination symbol for each lane of the OSM way, running in the opposite direction as the way itself.


Symbols in a row are separated with , comma. Symbols and rows of symbols below each other are separated with ; semicolon. Blanks are not used.

With several semicolon ; a symbol can be placed next to a specific destination=* value. For example destination:symbol=;;airport would show an airport icon next to the third destination.

See more at original proposal, it's talk page and Talk:Relation:destination_sign#Amenity_tags.

The French community agreed to the possibility to use country-codes for country-specific ideograms (i.e. ideograms describing a feature without equivalents in any other country): for instance, the ideogram of the French natural regional park of the Vosgean Belchen (road symbol France road sign ID15a2.png, symbol ref under French law ID15a2[1]) may be mapped with destination:symbol=FR:vosgean_belchen_regional_park.

Before using a country-code prefix, be sure you are not creating a local duplicate of an otherwise international feature symbol[2]! Just because a motorway is called in Poland "autostrada" and has a slightly different symbol doesn't justify creating the duplicate destination:symbol=PL:autostrada for the local motorway symbol: if the feature is international, don't use a country-code for its destination symbol.

Destination with multiple symbols

Example Attributes Note
destination=Auberge du Saut des Cuves
There may be cases where several symbols are used for a single destination; in such cases, the custom seems to be to use a comma to separate the values:
DestinationSignHerentals.jpgHerentals.png destination=Lille;Turnhout;Kasterlee;Bobbejaanland;Netepark;A.Z. Sint-Elisabeth;Centrum;P-route


A12 Bodegraven afrit 12a.jpg destination=Bodegraven;Alphen a/d Rijn;Leiden
Symbols for the parking, fuel, restaurant and hotel are present.

Value list

Tag Symbol examples United States Canada France Leading to


Pictogram Cable Car small.svgPictogram Cable Car.svg MUTCD RS-071.svg a skylift, aerialway or overhead tramway
destination:symbol=airport Airport road sign Austria.jpgItalian traffic signs - icona aeroporto.svg MUTCD I-5.svg Ontario M502.svgQuébec I-300-1.svg France road sign ID2.svg an airport
destination:symbol=bus_station RWBA Bus.svg MUTCD I-6.svg a bus station
destination:symbol=castle Sinnbild Burg, Schloß - Richtlinien für die touristische Beschilderung, Ausgabe 2008.svg a castle
destination:symbol=centre Italian traffic signs - icona centro.svgSymbol Zentrum AT.jpgSwedish traffic signs - icon centre.svgVZ Zentrum.png the centre of the city
destination:symbol=camp_site CZ-IJ14c Tábořiště pro stany a pro obytné přívěsy.jpgLegenda pole namiotowe.svg France road sign ID8.svg France road sign ID9.svg
(these symbols can be separately mapped; see below)
a camp site, indifferently for tents and caravans
destination:symbol=tent_site MUTCD D9-3.svg France road sign ID8.svg a camping site for tents
destination:symbol=caravan_site MUTCD D9-3a.svg France road sign ID9.svg a camping site for caravans
destination:symbol=church RWBA Kirche.svgZeichen 365-59 - Autobahnkapelle, StVO 2013.svg a (highway-side) church
destination:symbol=ferry Ferry.png MUTCD I-9.svg Ontario M508.svg France road sign ID13a.svg a pier for ferries
destination:symbol=food Restaurant-14.svg MUTCD D9-8.svg France road sign ID26a.svg a restaurant or food services
destination:symbol=fuel Zeichen 361-50.svg MUTCD D9-7.svg France road sign ID14a.svg a general fuel station
destination:symbol=fuel_cng Zeichen 365-54.svg MUTCD D9-11a.svg a fuel station that offers CNG (compressed natural gas)
destination:symbol=fuel_diesel Italian traffic signs - icona diesel.svg MUTCD D9-11.svg a fuel station that offers diesel
destination:symbol=fuel_e85 MUTCD D9-11c.svg a fuel station that offers E85
destination:symbol=fuel_ev MUTCD D9-11b.svgMUTCD D9-11bP.svg a fuel station that offers EV (electric vehicle charging)
destination:symbol=fuel_lpg France road sign ID14b.svg a fuel station that offers LPG (liquefied petroleum gas)
destination:symbol=golf_court Pictograms-nps-golfing.svg MUTCD RS-128.svg a golf court
destination:symbol=harbour RWBA Fähre(R).svg France road sign ID13b.svg a harbour
destination:symbol=hospital Pictograms-nps-hospital-2.svgRWB Krankenhaus.svgPScareggi.gif MUTCD D9-2.svg Québec I-280-1.svg (mandatory distinction between hospitals with and without emergency department; see below) a hospital
destination:symbol=hospital_with_emergencies France road sign ID3.svg a hospital with an emergency department
destination:symbol=hospital_without_emergencies France road sign ID4.svg a hospital without emergency department
destination:symbol=industrial RWB Industriegebiet.svg France road sign ID35.svg a industrial area or business park
destination:symbol=info Italian traffic signs - icona informazioni.svgZeichen 365-61 - Informationsstelle, StVO 2013.svg MUTCD D9-10.svg France road sign ID6.svg information services or tourist information
destination:symbol=car_shuttle_train RWB Autozug.svg France road sign ID12b.svg a station for a Car shuttle train
destination:symbol=railroad_freight_terminal Symbol Zugterminal AT.jpgZusatzzeichen 1010-14 - Information „Rollende Landstraße” (420x231), StVO 1992.svg a railroad freight terminal for trucks, where trucks (or only their freight containers) are loaded onto/unloaded from a train
destination:symbol=train_station Fernbahn Signet HVV.svg MUTCD I-7.svg Québec I-310.svg France road sign ID12a.svg a train station for passenger traffic

destination:symbol=tram destination:symbol=lightrail

MUTCD I-12.svg a subway / tram / lightrail station
destination:symbol=interchange Motorway interchange sign.jpg a motorway interchange
destination:symbol=motorway Zeichen 330.svg Autoroute F.svg a motorway
destination:symbol=motorroad Zeichen 331.1 - Kraftfahrstraße, StVO 2013.svg a motorroad (from german wiki page)
destination:symbol=motorway_junction RWBA Autobahnausfahrt.svg A motorway junction / exit.
destination:symbol=lodging Hotel-16.svgZeichen 375.svg MUTCD D9-9.svg France road sign ID25.svg a hotel
destination:symbol=mosque a mosque.
destination:symbol=parking UK traffic sign 801.svg Japanese Road sign (Parking lot A, Parking permitted).svg Québec I-350-1.svg France road sign ID1a.svg a (significant) parking space
destination:symbol=parking_truck MUTCD D9-16.svg a truck parking area
destination:symbol=covered_parking RWB Parkhaus.svg a (significant) covered parking space
destination:symbol=park_and_ride Sinnbild P-R.svg MUTCD D4-2.svg France road sign ID1b.svg a park and ride space
destination:symbol=phone Italian traffic signs - icona telefono.svgRWBA Fernsprecher.svg MUTCD D9-1.svg Ontario M406.svg France road sign ID5b.svg a public payphone
destination:symbol=emergency_phone RWBA Notrufsäule.svg France road sign ID5a.svg an emergency phone
destination:symbol=police MUTCD D9-14.svg Québec I-270-2.svg a police station
destination:symbol=soccer_stadium Diego Nuñez Berrospi.jpg a soccer stadium
destination:symbol=stadium Stadium icon.svg a stadium
destination:symbol=swimming Freibad-Schild.svg MUTCD RS-061.svg an outdoor swimming pool
destination:symbol=swimming_hall Hallenbad-Schild.svg France road sign ID20c.svg an indoor swimming pool
destination:symbol=TDD MUTCD D9-21.svg a TDD (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf)
destination:symbol=toilets France road sign CE12.svgZeichen 378.svg MUTCD RS-022.svg France road sign ID31.svg toilets
destination:symbol=wifi MUTCD D9-22.svg a public wifi spot
destination:symbol=freight_village RWB GVZ.svg A freight village (German wikipedia link).
destination:symbol=rest_area Zeichen Parkplatz Wiesenz.svgVorankündigung einer Autobahnraststätte in Kombination mit dem Hinweis auf eine bleifreie Tankstelle, 1988.svgVorankündigung einer Autobahnraststätte, frühe Version nach den Vorgaben der StVO 1970.svg MUTCD D5-2a.svgMUTCD D5-5.svg A facility set up for drivers just off a highway, such as a rest area or truck stop, and which may be as simple as a parking area. In Germany, the tag is reserved for Raststätte, facilities that are not connected to local roads.
destination:symbol=truck_stop RWB-RWBA Autohof.svgAutohof.svgAutohof-Ankündigungstafel - 600 m, nach einem Foto von 1947.svgZeichen 448.1 - Autohof, StVO 2000.svg A facility set up for drivers just off a highway, but especially intended for large trucks. In Germany, the tag is reserved for Autohof/Rasthof, facilities that are not connected directly to the highway and must be accessed via local roads
destination:symbol=monitored_parking France road sign ID1c.svg a parking space under CCTV
destination:symbol=wheelchair RWBA Rollstuhlfahrer.svg France road sign ID7.svg a wheelchair-accessible facility
destination:symbol=youth_hostel France road sign ID10.svg a youth hostel
destination:symbol=picnic_site France road sign ID11.svg a picnic site
destination:symbol=car_repair RWBA Werkstatt.svg France road sign ID14c.svg a garage (car repair shop)
destination:symbol=ev_charge France road sign ID14d.svg an EV charging station
destination:symbol=ev_charge_lpg France road sign ID14e.svg an EV charging station also offering GPL filling
destination:symbol=national_park France road sign ID15b.svg a national park
destination:symbol=nature_reserve France road sign ID15c.svg a nature reserve
destination:symbol=historic France road sign ID16a.svg a heritage/historic site
destination:symbol=world_heritage_site France road sign ID16c.svg a World Heritage Site
destination:symbol=bnb_rental France road sign ID18.svg an individual lodging (BnB, rental… not an hotel)
destination:symbol=viewpoint Hungary road sign I-004.svgSpain traffic signal s109.svg France road sign ID19.svg a viewpoint
destination:symbol=leisure_centre RWB Freizeitsportanlage.svg France road sign ID20a.svg an outdoor leisure centre
destination:symbol=horse_riding France road sign ID20b.svg a horse-related feature (briddleway, equestrian facility…)
destination:symbol=beach France road sign ID20d.svg a beach
destination:symbol=slipway France road sign ID20e.svg a slipway
destination:symbol=nordic_ski France road sign ID21a.svg a nordic ski station
destination:symbol=alpine_ski France road sign ID21b.svg an alpine ski station
destination:symbol=cemetery Cemetery sign.svg a cemetery
destination:symbol=war_cemetery France road sign ID22.svg a war cemetery
destination:symbol=hiking 2011 :
France road sign ID23 (2011).svg
2002 :
France road sign ID23.svg
a hiking tour starting point
destination:symbol=recycling_centre France road sign ID24.svg a recycling centre
destination:symbol=snack_bar RWBA Verkaufskiosk.svg France road sign ID26b.svg a snack bar, kiosk, pub or a bar
destination:symbol=village_relais France road sign ID28.svg a  village étape or village relais (small town along a main road, providing services to travellers)
destination:symbol=drinking_water France road sign ID29.svg a drinking water point
destination:symbol=motorhome France road sign ID30.svg a motorhome amenity, often with a sanitary_dump_station
destination:symbol=atm France road sign ID32.svg an ATM
destination:symbol=local_products France road sign ID33a.svg a shop selling local products
destination:symbol=wine France road sign ID33b.svg a shop selling wine and related products
destination:symbol=footway France road sign ID34a.svg a footway
destination:symbol=steps France road sign ID34b.svg a footway, mostly unpassable by disabled persons, typically steps
destination:symbol=shopping_centre France road sign ID36.svg a shopping centre, a mall
destination:symbol=car_sharing France road sign ID37.svg a car sharing station
destination:symbol=car_pooling France road sign ID39.svg a car pooling spot
destination:symbol=detour_route France road sign SU2.svg a detour route
destination:symbol=ring_road France road sign SU4.svg a ring road
destination:symbol=toll Ireland Road Toll Symbol.png France road sign SU5.svg a road which use requires paying a fee
more to come... For example: RWBA PKW.svgRWBA PKW mit Anhänger.svgRWBA LKW.svgRWBA LKW mit Anhänger.svgRWB-RWBA Erste Hilfe.svg

Lists of national symbols with their respective destination:symbol values

Usage distribution

destination:symbol destination:symbol:forward destination:symbol:backward
destination:symbol:lanes destination:symbol:lanes:forward destination:symbol:lanes:backward

See also

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