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should not be used on nodesmay be used on waysshould not be used on areasmay be used on relations
Useful combination

Relation:destination sign

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an unequal sign

This English article is a translated version, but the content appears to be out of sync with the reference text (usually a French, German, or Russian version on this wiki). Please update this translation if possible.

The key destination:symbol=* should be used to indicate that a special symbol/icon is present on a signpost, visible as road marking or similar.


Key variation Valid for Description
destination:symbol Way Describes the destination symbol for the complete OSM way. Worthwhile only if used in combination with oneway=yes.
destination:symbol:forward Direction Describes the destination symbol for all lanes of the OSM way, running in the same direction as the way itself.
destination:symbol:backward Direction Describes the destination symbol for all lanes of the OSM way, running in the opposite direction as the way itself.
destination:symbol:lanes Lane Describes the destination symbol for each lane of the OSM way. Worthwhile only if used in combination with oneway=yes.
destination:symbol:lanes:forward Lane Describes the destination symbol for each lane of the OSM way, running in the same direction as the way itself.
destination:symbol:lanes:backward Lane Describes the destination symbol for each lane of the OSM way, running in the opposite direction as the way itself.


See more at original proposal, it's talk page and Talk:Relation:destination_sign#Amenity_tags.

Tag Symbol examples United States Canada France Leading to


Pictogram Cable Car small.svgPictogram Cable Car.svg MUTCD RS-071.svg a skylift, aerialway or overhead tramway
destination:symbol=airport Airport road sign Austria.jpgItalian traffic signs - icona aeroporto.svg MUTCD I-5.svg Ontario M502.svgQuébec I-300-1.svg France road sign ID2.svg an airport
destination:symbol=bus_station RWBA Bus.svg MUTCD I-6.svg a bus station
destination:symbol=castle Sinnbild Burg, Schloß - Richtlinien für die touristische Beschilderung, Ausgabe 2008.svg a castle
destination:symbol=centre Italian traffic signs - icona centro.svgSymbol Zentrum AT.jpgSwedish traffic signs - icon centre.svgVZ Zentrum.png the centre of the city
destination:symbol=camp_site CZ-IJ14c Tábořiště pro stany a pro obytné přívěsy.jpgLegenda pole namiotowe.svg MUTCD D9-3.svgMUTCD D9-3a.svg France road sign ID8.svg France road sign ID9.svg a camp_site
destination:symbol=church RWBA Kirche.svgZeichen 365-59 - Autobahnkapelle, StVO 2013.svg a (highway-side) church
destination:symbol=ferry Ferry.png MUTCD I-9.svg Ontario M508.svg France road sign ID13a.svg a pier for ferries
destination:symbol=food Restaurant-14.svg MUTCD D9-8.svg France road sign ID26a.svg a restaurant or food services
destination:symbol=fuel Zeichen 361-50.svg MUTCD D9-7.svg France road sign ID14a.svg a general fuel station
destination:symbol=fuel_cng Zeichen 365-54.svg MUTCD D9-11a.svg a fuel station that offers CNG (compressed natural gas)
destination:symbol=fuel_diesel Italian traffic signs - icona diesel.svg MUTCD D9-11.svg a fuel station that offers diesel
destination:symbol=fuel_e85 MUTCD D9-11c.svg a fuel station that offers E85
destination:symbol=fuel_ev MUTCD D9-11b.svgMUTCD D9-11bP.svg a fuel station that offers EV (electric vehicle charging)
destination:symbol=fuel_lpg a fuel station that offers LPG (liquefied petroleum gas)
destination:symbol=golf_court Pictograms-nps-golfing.svg MUTCD RS-128.svg a golf court
destination:symbol=harbour RWBA Fähre(R).svg France road sign ID13b.svg a harbour
destination:symbol=hospital Pictograms-nps-hospital-2.svgRWB Krankenhaus.svgPScareggi.gif MUTCD D9-2.svg Québec I-280-1.svg France road sign ID3.svg France road sign ID4.svg a hospital
destination:symbol=industrial RWB Industriegebiet.svg France road sign ID35.svg a industrial area or business park
destination:symbol=info Italian traffic signs - icona informazioni.svgZeichen 365-61 - Informationsstelle, StVO 2013.svg MUTCD D9-10.svg France road sign ID6.svg information services or tourist information
destination:symbol=car_shuttle_train RWB Autozug.svg France road sign ID12b.svg a station for a Car shuttle train
destination:symbol=railroad_freight_terminal Symbol Zugterminal AT.jpgZusatzzeichen 1010-14 - Information „Rollende Landstraße” (420x231), StVO 1992.svg a railroad freight terminal for trucks, where trucks (or only their freight containers) are loaded onto/unloaded from a train
destination:symbol=train_station Fernbahn Signet HVV.svg MUTCD I-7.svg Québec I-310.svg France road sign ID12a.svg a train station for passenger traffic

destination:symbol=tram destination:symbol=lightrail

MUTCD I-12.svg a subway / tram / lightrail station
destination:symbol=interchange Motorway interchange sign.jpg a motorway interchange
destination:symbol=motorway Zeichen 330.svg Autoroute F.svg a motorway
destination:symbol=motorroad Zeichen 331.1 - Kraftfahrstraße, StVO 2013.svg a motorroad (from german wiki page)
destination:symbol=motorway_junction RWBA Autobahnausfahrt.svg A motorway junction / exit.
destination:symbol=lodging Hotel-16.svgZeichen 375.svg MUTCD D9-9.svg France road sign ID25.svg a hotel
destination:symbol=mosque a mosque.
destination:symbol=parking UK traffic sign 801.svg Japanese Road sign (Parking lot A, Parking permitted).svg Québec I-350-1.svg France road sign ID1a.svg a (significant) parking space
destination:symbol=parking_truck MUTCD D9-16.svg a truck parking area
destination:symbol=covered_parking RWB Parkhaus.svg a (significant) covered parking space
destination:symbol=park_and_ride Sinnbild P-R.svg MUTCD D4-2.svg France road sign ID1b.svg a park and ride space
destination:symbol=phone Italian traffic signs - icona telefono.svg MUTCD D9-1.svg Ontario M406.svg France road sign ID5b.svg a public payphone
destination:symbol=emergency_phone RWBA Notrufsäule.svg an emergency phone
destination:symbol=police MUTCD D9-14.svg Québec I-270-2.svg a police station
destination:symbol=soccer_stadium Diego Nuñez Berrospi.jpg a soccer stadium
destination:symbol=stadium Stadium icon.svg a stadium
destination:symbol=swimming Freibad-Schild.svg MUTCD RS-061.svg an outdoor swimming pool
destination:symbol=swimming_hall Hallenbad-Schild.svg an indoor swimming pool
destination:symbol=TDD MUTCD D9-21.svg a TDD (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf)
destination:symbol=toilets France road sign CE12.svgZeichen 378.svg MUTCD RS-022.svg France road sign ID31.svg toilets
destination:symbol=wifi MUTCD D9-22.svg a public wifi spot
destination:symbol=freight_village RWB GVZ.svg A freight village (German wikipedia link).
destination:symbol=rest_area Zeichen Parkplatz Wiesenz.svgVorankündigung einer Autobahnraststätte in Kombination mit dem Hinweis auf eine bleifreie Tankstelle, 1988.svgVorankündigung einer Autobahnraststätte, frühe Version nach den Vorgaben der StVO 1970.svg MUTCD D5-2a.svgMUTCD D5-5.svg France road sign CE7.svg (Please translate, special case for Germany) speziell in Deutschland eine Raststätte oder einen Parkplatz wie an Autobahnen (allgemein eine "rest area");
aber keinen Rasthof!
destination:symbol=truck_stop RWB-RWBA Autohof.svgAutohof.svgAutohof-Ankündigungstafel - 600 m, nach einem Foto von 1947.svgZeichen 448.1 - Autohof, StVO 2000.svg (Please translate, special case for Germany) speziell in Deutschland einen Rasthof oder Autohof (allgemein einen "truck stop");
aber keine Raststätte!
more to come... For example: RWBA PKW.svgRWBA PKW mit Anhänger.svgRWBA LKW.svgRWBA LKW mit Anhänger.svg RWB Freizeitsportanlage.svgRWBA Fernsprecher.svgRWBA Rollstuhlfahrer.svgRWBA Werkstatt.svgRWBA Verkaufskiosk.svgRWB-RWBA Erste Hilfe.svg

Usage distribution

destination:symbol destination:symbol:forward destination:symbol:backward
destination:symbol:lanes destination:symbol:lanes:forward destination:symbol:lanes:backward

See also

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