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Public-images-osm logo.svg drinking_water:refill:network
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Indicates the water refill network in which an establishment participates Edit or translate this description.
Group: Properties
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The key drinking_water:refill:network=* is added to a feature to specify the water refill network in which the establishment participates. This is usually indicated by a sticker or sign near the main door. This tag is used in addition to drinking_water:refill=* and a main feature tag.

If an establishment belongs to multiple networks, the names should be listed separated by semicolons. drinking_water:refill:network = network 1;network 2;network 3

How to map

drinking_water:refill:network=* is added as a property tag for a feature such as a amenity=cafe, amenity=restaurant, shop=*, and so on. These establishments are generally mapped as a node or area. They must also be tagged with drinking_water:refill=yes

Value Comment Frequency of use
* An establishment participates in a water refill network and refill reusable bottles for free.

the name of the refill network or refill networks, separated by semicolons. eg. drinking_water:refill:network = European Water Project

Example refill Networks

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