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The medical specialty of a person, facility or service. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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This page describes a key prefix rather than a simple key.

Specialties for the western medical system

Meaning of the values for health_specialty:*=yes / main / additional / no / partial / trained:

yes: The specialty is practised in/by the object.
main: Same as yes, but the specialty is the main working field of the facility/person. Primary useful, but not restricted to countries, such as Germany or Austria, where physicians can optional further trained going beyond their main field.
additional: Same as yes, but the specialty is not the main working field of the facility/person. Primary useful, but not restricted to countries, such as Germany or Austria, where physicians can optional further trained going beyond their main field.
no: The specialty is not practised in/by the object.
partial: A limited subset of the specialty is practised in/by the object. This tag will help to specify, that the provided services are under the common expected standard in an area such as a country.
trained: The health person has got training in this specialty, but does not practice this specialty or provide any services in this specialty.

Useful addional tags

provided_for:*=yes/no: To which group of persons the health care related service, facility, amenity, etc. is provided?

treat:inpatient=yes/no/only: This objects treats (only) inpatients. This tag defaults to yes for all objects tagged as hospitals and to no for all other objects.

beds=*: Total number of beds in a facility or building.

disease:*=yes/no: For which type of disease/disability are the medical treatment/support/services provided? The key should be the common used English scientific name of the disease in lower case. For diseases you never want to get, such as AIDS, and witch are caused persisting pathogens as viruses, you can use the name of the virus, witch is HIV in this example. Especially for names with consists more then three parts and which have an common used and easy to find abbreviation, this should be used. But make sure that it is non-ambiguous.

home_visit=yes/no: This object provides home visits.

work_accident=yes/no: If the object is in some kind involved in reviews or the treatment of work accidents.

emergency=yes/no:This object is used in case of an emergency. See also emergency=*.

counselling=yes/no: This object is not health care related and provides counselling. Generic add-on tag for counselling_type:*=yes/no.

Physician's specialties

This are mainly specialities for physicians, and some for laboratories, but there are not restricted to these.

Main field specialties

Key Value Description Picture
health_specialty:anatomy yes/main/
Anatomy. tries to understand the inner structure of living organisms
health_specialty:anaesthesiology Anaesthesiology. blocking pain on surgeries, also by making the patient temporarily unresponsive
health_specialty:biochemistry Biochemistry. studies chemical processes in living organisms
health_specialty:public_health Public health/Community medicine/Community health/Social medicine. preventing diseases and make informed choices affecting the overall health of a community, based on population health analysis
health_specialty:dentistry Dentistry/stomatology. treatment disorders of the teeth and inside the mouth
health_specialty:dermatology Dermatology. treatment of skin disorders
health_specialty:disaster_medicine Disaster medicine. disaster response and recovery medicine
health_specialty:ear_nose_throat Otolaryngology/Otorhinolaryngology/ENT. treatment of ear, nose and throat
health_specialty:emergency_medicine Emergency medicine/Traumatology. treatment of acute illnesses or injuries, which require immediate medical attention
health_specialty:environmental_medicine Environmental medicine. studying the interactions between environment and human health, and the role of the environment in causing or mediating disease
health_specialty:family_medicine Family medicine/General medicine. primary health care providing continuing, comprehensive care to individuals across all ages, sexes, diseases, and parts of the body
health_specialty:intensive_care_medicine Intensive-care medicine. life support of patients who are critically ill
health_specialty:internal_medicine Internal medicine. laboratory supported diagnosis and treatment, especially of undifferentiated or multi-system inside body diseases
health_specialty:medical_genetics Medical genetics. diagnosis and management of hereditary disorders
health_specialty:medical_microbiology Medical microbiology. study of medical important micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites
health_specialty:neurology Neurology. treatment of disorders of the nervous system
health_specialty:nuclear_medicine Nuclear medicine. uses radionuclides for diagnosis and treatment of disease
health_specialty:occupational_medicine Occupational medicine. health of people engaged in work or employment
health_specialty:ophthalmology Ophthalmology. medicine and diseases of the eyes
health_specialty:optometry Optometry. non-surgical treatment of diseases affecting vision
health_specialty:paediatrics Paediatrics. medical care of infants, children, and adolescents
health_specialty:pain_medicine Pain medicine/Algiatry. medicine of pain reduction
health_specialty:palliative_medicine Palliative medicine. treatment that reduces the severity of disease symptoms, rather than cure, delay, or reverse progression the disease itself
health_specialty:pathology Pathology. does detection, definition and categorization of diseases
health_specialty:pharmacology Pharmacology. studies drug action in humans
health_specialty:physiatry Physiatry/Physical medicine and rehabilitation medicine. aims to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life to those with physical impairments or disabilities
health_specialty:physiology Physiology. science of the mechanical, physical, and biochemical functions of organism in good health, their organs, and the cells of which they are composed
health_specialty:psychiatry Psychiatry. study and treatment of mental disorders. This generic tag includes health_specialty:child_psychiatry=* and health_specialty:adult_psychiatry=*
health_specialty:radiology Radiology. medical imaging or treatment of the interior of the human body using various forms of radiation
health_specialty:reproductive_medicine Reproductive medicine. medical prevention, diagnosis and management of reproductive problems
health_specialty:sleep_medicine Sleep medicine. diagnosis and therapy of sleep disturbances and disorders
health_specialty:sports_medicine Sports medicine. treatment of injuries related to sport
health_specialty:surgery Surgery. uses operative techniques on patients to investigate and/or treat disorders or injury
health_specialty:transfusion_medicine Transfusion medicine/Transfusiology. is concerned with the transfusion of blood and blood components
health_specialty:unknown This is a specialized health object, e.g. a hospital, but the specialty is not known.


Key Value Common subspecialty of Description Picture
health_specialty:epidemiology yes/main/
public_health Epidemiology. study of patterns of health and illness and associated factors at population level
health_specialty:social_medicine public_health Social medicine. seeks to understand how social and economic conditions impact health, disease and the practice of medicine
health_specialty:endodontics dentistry Endodontics. treatment of the dental pulp
health_specialty:oral_surgery dentistry Oral surgery. surgery of the mouth, teeth, gums, jaws; it does not include the whole head
health_specialty:orthodontics dentistry Orthodontics. therapy of improper bites
health_specialty:periodontology dentistry Periodontology. treatment of teeth supporting structures
health_specialty:prosthodontics dentistry Prosthodontics. prosthetic dentistry
health_specialty:audiology ear_nose_throat Audiology. treatment of hearing and balance disorders
health_specialty:phoniatrics ear_nose_throat Phoniatrics. treatment of organs involved with speech production
health_specialty:andrology internal_medicine Andrology. health of the male reproductive system
health_specialty:angiology internal_medicine Angiology/Vascular medicine. treatment of diseases of the circulatory system
health_specialty:cardiology internal_medicine Cardiology. deals with disorders of the heart
health_specialty:endocrinology internal_medicine Endocrinology. treatment of illnesses of the hormone secreting glands
health_specialty:gastroenterology internal_medicine Gastroenterology. treatment of the digestive system/gastrointestinal tract
health_specialty:geriatrics internal_medicine Geriatrics. supporting health of old adults
health_specialty:gynaecology internal_medicine Gynaecology. health of the female reproductive system
health_specialty:haematology internal_medicine Haematology. diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases
health_specialty:infectiology internal_medicine Infectiology/Infectious diseases. treatment of illnesses resulting from the presence of pathogenic biological agents
health_specialty:nephrology internal_medicine Nephrology. treatment of diseases of the kidney
health_specialty:oncology internal_medicine Oncology. treatment of tumours
health_specialty:pulmonology internal_medicine Pulmonology/Pneumology/Respiratory medicine. treatment of diseases of the respiratory system
health_specialty:rheumatology internal_medicine Rheumatology. treatment of diseases affecting the joints, muscles, and bones
health_specialty:immunology medical_microbiology Immunology. deals with malfunctions of the immune system in immunological disorders
health_specialty:aviation_medicine occupational_medicine Aviation medicine/Flight medicine/Aerospace medicine. treat or prevent conditions to which aircrews are particularly susceptible
health_specialty:neonatology paediatrics Neonatology. care of ill or premature newborn infants
health_specialty:paediatric_cardiology paediatrics Cardiology done on children and adolescents
health_specialty:paediatric_diabetology paediatrics Diabetology done on children and adolescents
health_specialty:paediatric_endocrinology paediatrics Endocrinology done on children and adolescents
health_specialty:paediatric_gastroenterology paediatrics Gastroenterology done on children and adolescents
health_specialty:paediatric_haematology paediatrics Haematology done on children and adolescents
health_specialty:paediatric_nephrology paediatrics Nephrology done on children and adolescents
health_specialty:paediatric_neurology paediatrics Neurology/Neuropaediatrics done on children and adolescents
health_specialty:paediatric_oncology paediatrics Oncology done on children and adolescents
health_specialty:paediatric_ophthalmology paediatrics Ophthalmology done on children and adolescents
health_specialty:paediatric_orthopaedics paediatrics Orthopaedics done on children and adolescents
health_specialty:paediatric_pulmonology paediatrics Pulmonology done on children and adolescents
health_specialty:paediatric_rheumatology paediatrics Rheumatology done on children and adolescents
health_specialty:paediatric_intensive_care_medicine paediatrics Intensive care done on children and adolescents
health_specialty:social_paediatrics paediatrics Social paediatrics whole-family and whole-community approach to child medical problems and prevention
health_specialty:clinical_pathology pathology Clinical pathology/Laboratory Medicine/Clinical analysis/Clinical Biology/Medical Biology diagnosis of disease based on the laboratory analysis of bodily fluids
health_specialty:forensic_pathology pathology Forensic pathology. determining the cause of death by doing an autopsy
health_specialty:neuropathology pathology Neuropathology. deals with the origin of diseases of the nervous system
health_specialty:toxicology pathology Toxicology. study of harmful or toxic effects of drugs
health_specialty:clinical_pharmacology pharmacology Clinical pharmacology. studies how clinical drugs affecting the human metabolism
health_specialty:addiction_medicine psychiatry Addiction medicine. treatment of addiction such as detoxification and rehabilitation
health_specialty:adult_psychiatry psychiatry Psychiatry. treatment of mental disorders in adults
health_specialty:child_psychiatry psychiatry Child and adolescent psychiatry. treatment of psychopathological disorders of children and adolescents
health_specialty:forensic_psychiatry psychiatry Forensic psychiatry. law enforcement supporting psychiatry
health_specialty:neuropsychiatry psychiatry Neuropsychiatry. diseases of the nervous system which cause metal disorders
health_specialty:psychosomatic_medicine psychiatry Psychosomatic medicine. studies the relationships of social, psychological and behavioural factors on body processes and well-being
health_specialty:diagnostic_radiology radiology Diagnostic radiology.creates medical images of the human body for clinical purposes e.g. diagnosis
health_specialty:neuroradiology radiology Neuroradiology. diagnosis and characterization of abnormalities of the central and peripheral nervous system
health_specialty:paediatric_radiology radiology Paediatric radiology. imaging of foetuses, infants, children, adolescents, and young adults
health_specialty:radiotherapy radiology Radiotherapy/Radiation therapy/Radiation oncology. use of ionising radiation for treating cancer
health_specialty:cardiothoracic_surgery surgery Cardiothoracic surgery. treatment of diseases affecting organs inside the thorax/chest
health_specialty:colorectal_surgery surgery Colorectal surgery/Proctology. surgery of the colon, rectum and anal canal
health_specialty:general_surgery surgery General Surgery/Abdominal surgery. surgery of abdominal organs, e.g. esophagus, intestine, stomach,
liver, pancreas, gallbladder
health_specialty:hand_surgery surgery Hand surgery. treatment of conditions and problems that may take place in the hand or upper extremity
health_specialty:maxillofacial_surgery surgery Oral and maxillofacial surgery. surgery of the head, neck, face
health_specialty:neurosurgery surgery Neurosurgery. treatment of disorders affecting nervous system
health_specialty:obstetrics surgery Obstetrics. care of women and their children during pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period
health_specialty:orthopaedics surgery Orthopaedic surgery. musculoskeletal system
health_specialty:paediatric_surgery surgery Paediatric surgery. surgery of foetuses, infants, children, adolescents and young adults
health_specialty:plastic_surgery surgery Plastic surgery. surgical correction or restoration of form and function of organs
health_specialty:podiatry surgery Podiatry. diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower leg
health_specialty:transplant_surgery surgery Transplant surgery. surgical transplant of organs
health_specialty:trauma_surgery surgery Trauma surgery. treatment of physical injuries caused by emergencies
health_specialty:urology surgery Urology. surgery of the urinary tract
health_specialty:vascular_surgery surgery Vascular surgery. surgery of the vascular system (arteries and veins)


Key Value Common subspecialty of Description Picture
health_specialty:cardiovascular_surgery yes/main/
cardiothoracic_surgery Cardiovascular surgery. surgery of the heart and the great vessels
health_specialty:thoracic_surgery cardiothoracic_surgery Thoracic_surgery. treatment organs inside the thorax, but without the heart
health_specialty:phlebotomy vascular_surgery Phlebotomy. process of making an incision in a vein, e.g. to draw blood
health_specialty:diabetology endocrinology Diabetology. clinical science of diabetes mellitus, its diagnosis, treatment and follow-up
health_specialty:hepatology gastroenterology Hepatology. treatment of disorders of the liver, gallbladder, biliary tree, and pancreas
health_specialty:allergology immunology Allergology. treatment of hypersensitive disorders of the immune system
health_specialty:tropical_medicine infectiology Tropical_medicine. treatment of health problems that occur uniquely, are more widespread, or prove more difficult to control in tropical and subtropical regions
health_specialty:venereology infectiology Venereology. treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
health_specialty:urogynaecology urology Urogynecology. treatment of urinary incontinence and female pelvic floor disorders

Specialties for therapists and the alternative medicine

Main field specialties

Key Value Description Picture
health_specialty:alternative_medicine yes/main/
Alternative medicine. any healing practice that does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine in the affected medical system
health_specialty:manual_therapy Manual therapy/manipulative therapy. physical intervention on the body through hands-on therapy
health_specialty:balneotherapy Balneotherapy. treatment of disease by bathing, usually practiced at spas
health_specialty:belief_based_therapy belief based therapy. therapies which mainly/only rely on belief, e.g. they are more like a religious procedure or belie e.g. in some form of higher energy
health_specialty:dietetics Dietetics. dietary modification to address medical issues involving dietary intake
health_specialty:hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy. using water for treating illnesses; in most cases the effects of temperature changes or steam e.g. as used in a sauna
health_specialty:mind_body_intervention Mind-body intervention. methods to enhance the mind's capacity to affect bodily function and symptoms
health_specialty:music_therapy Music therapy. interpersonal process in which a trained music therapist uses music and all of its facets—physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual—to help clients to improve or maintain their health
health_specialty:naturopathy Naturopathy/Naturopathic medicine. focuses on the body's vitalistic ability to heal and maintain itself
health_specialty:occupational_therapy Occupational therapy. promoting health and well being through occupation
health_specialty:physiotherapy Physiotherapy/Physical therapy. attempted remediation to individuals to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability
health_specialty:phytotherapy Phytotherapy/Herbalism/herbology/herbal medicine/botanical medicine. medical use of plants and plant extracts
health_specialty:podology Podology/medical foot care. preventive, non-physical treatment of the feet e.g. for diabetics
health_specialty:psychotherapy Psychotherapy. intentional interpersonal relationship used by trained psychotherapists to aid a patient in problems of living
health_specialty:speech_therapy Speech therapy/Speech and language therapy/Logopaedics. therapy of speech and language disorders
health_specialty:traditional_medicine based on traditional medicine. treatments based on traditional medical systems


Key Value Common subspecialty of Description Picture
health_specialty:homoeopathy yes/main/
belief_based_therapy Homoeopathy. treatment with highly diluted preparations, which contain (nearly) pure water
health_specialty:reiki belief_based_therapy Reiki. religious influenced Japanese palm energy transfer therapy, not based on any long term experience
health_specialty:anthroposophical_medicine belief_based_therapy Anthroposophical_medicine. esoteric-spiritual medical system based on Rudolf Steiners own religion intermixed with homoeopathy
health_specialty:bach_flower_remedies belief_based_therapy Bach flower remedies. extremely diluted flower extracts which energies should considered a psychiatric medication replacement
health_specialty:chiropractic manual_therapy Chiropractic. treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine, under the hypothesis that these disorders affect general health via the nervous system
health_specialty:massage_therapy manual_therapy Massage therapy. manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance the function and promote relaxation and well-being. See also shop=massage
health_specialty:autogenic_training mind_body_intervention Autogenic training. is a relaxation technique based on auto-suggestion developed by the German psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schultz
health_specialty:meditation mind_body_intervention Meditation. practices in which the practitioner trains his or her mind or self-induces a mode of consciousness in order to realize some benefit
health_specialty:progressive_muscle_relaxation mind_body_intervention Progressive muscle relaxation/PMR. technique for reducing anxiety by alternately tensing and relaxing the muscles
health_specialty:yoga mind_body_intervention Yoga. system of physical/mental exercises, closely connected to Indian meditation practice
health_specialty:art_therapy psychotherapy Art therapy. uses any forms of visual art expression as help for expressing inner problems
health_specialty:behavioural_psychotherapy psychotherapy Behavioural psychotherapy. psychotherapy with uses on learning theory for behaviour modification
health_specialty:body_psychotherapy psychotherapy Body psychotherapy/body-oriented psychotherapy/somatic psychology. psychotherapy which works with the mind to improve body functions (e.g. uses techniques from mind_body_intervention)
health_specialty:cognitive_psychotherapy psychotherapy Cognitive psychotherapy. seeks to help the patient overcome difficulties by identifying and changing dysfunctional thinking and emotional responses
health_specialty:cognitive_behavioural_psychotherapy psychotherapy Cognitive behavioural psychotherapy. combines techniques from cognitive and behavioural psychotherapy
health_specialty:depth_psychological_psychotherapy psychotherapy Depth psychological psychotherapy. Depth psychology-based (psychodynamic) psychotherapy is based on basic depth psychology assumptions, but focuses more on the current conflict situation and its management. The aim is to provide the client with insight into the structure and meaning of the conflicts as well as their underlying causes. Depth psychology-based psychotherapy is usually a medium-term therapy.
health_specialty:systemic_psychotherapy psychotherapy Systemic Psychotherapy. dealing with the interactions of groups and their interactional patterns and dynamics
health_specialty:humanistic_psychotherapy psychotherapy Humanistic psychotherapy. looks on the whole human and their needs and not only on the depth or "unconscious" aspects
health_specialty:traditional_chinese_medicine traditional_medicine Traditional Chinese medicine. Former Chinese medicine system, before they also introduced the western medical system, where TCM is reported to be a "specialty” as part of integrative medicine now
health_specialty:kampo traditional_medicine Kampo. traditional Japanese medicine which is based on TCM
health_specialty:unani traditional_medicine Unani. traditional greeko-islamic medical system
health_specialty:ayurveda traditional_medicine Ayurveda. one of the traditional Indian medical systems


Key Value Common subspecialty of Description Picture
health_specialty:analytical_psychotherapy yes/main/
depth_psychological_psychotherapy Psychoanalysis/Analytical psychotherapy. Psychoanalytic methods deal with unconscious conflicts and their early childhood origins and try to give the patient a deeper understanding of the causal (mostly unconscious) connections of their suffering. They usually refer directly to Sigmund Freud or his students Alfred Adler and Carl Gustav Jung. Psychoanalysis is mostly a long-term therapy.
health_specialty:shiatsu kampo Shiatsu. traditional Japanese manual/hands-on therapy
health_specialty:acupuncture traditional_chinese_medicine Acupuncture. traditional Taoistic treatment which inserts needles in the body to control the qi flow over certain distinct points
health_specialty:qi_gong traditional_chinese_medicine Qi Gong. describes various Chinese systems of physical and mental training for health, martial arts and self-enlightenment
health_specialty:tuina traditional_chinese_medicine Tui na. traditional hands-on body treatment that uses Chinese taoist principles (also includes acupressure)