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See hgv=designated instead. Specified imported roads in the USA as part of the National Truck Network, designated for HGVs Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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This tag has not been added to a significant number of new features since 2012. See hgv=designated for a much more common tag used to specify that a road has been legally designate for use by heavy goods vehicles.

The property tag hgv:national_network=* was used by two large imports in 2010 and 2012 to designate roads in the USA as members of the National Truck Network, major roads, mainly motorways and highway=trunk, designated for long-distance use by heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), known as "Trucks" in American English.

The National Network (NN) includes almost all of the Interstate Highway System and other, specified non-Interstate highways. The network comprises more than 200,000 miles (320,000 km) of highways

The routes have been designated on the basis of their general adherence to the following criteria, however, not all highways with the following criteria are part of the National Network:

  • The route is a geometrically typical component of the Federal-Aid Primary System, serving to link principal cities and densely developed portions of the States.
  • The route is a high volume route utilized extensively by large vehicles for interstate commerce.
  • The route does not have any restrictions precluding use by conventional combination vehicles.
  • The route has adequate geometrics to support safe operations, considering sight distance, severity and length of grades, pavement width, horizontal curvature, shoulder width, bridge clearances and load limits, traffic volumes and vehicle mix, and intersection geometry.
  • The route consists of lanes designed to be a width of 12 feet (3.66 m) or more or is otherwise consistent with highway safety.
  • The route does not have any unusual characteristics causing current or anticipated safety problems.

See for a partial list and sources

How to Map

The tag hgv:national_network=yes was added to a way that was mapped with highway=*, usually highway=motorway or highway=trunk, when the highway was designated as part of the National Network.

The access tag hgv=* is a more common way to specify roads as legally designated for use by HGVs (trucks); hgv=designated is usually appropriate for roads with hgv:national_network=yes

In California, the value terminal_access has also been used for a road which can carry cargo trucks and has an adequate turn-around facility at the end, most often providing access for cargo pick-up or delivery. Consider using hgv=yes or hgv=destination instead.