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Access permission for equestrians. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Restrictions
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Status: de facto

Use this key for mapping access permission for equestrians (people riding horses) on highways/tracks/footpaths.

It takes several values, such as yes/no/private/designated, as part of a generalised scheme for access restrictions applying to all different transport types. See access=*. Even if horse riding is forbidden (horse=no), leading horses may nevertheless be allowed (compare horse=dismount). If horse riding is allowed, horse-drawn vehicles may nevertheless be forbidden (see carriage=*).

This is a legal restriction, don't use it to tag the suitability. To tag the suitability for trail riding you can use horse_scale=* instead.

For a guide to mapping horse riding features see Riding

Common values

  • yes
  • no
  • designated
  • permissive
  • private
  • destination
  • List of possible values with descriptions: see Key:access
  • All used values on Taginfo


A "no horse riding" sign.
This path would be tagged with horse=no