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The make or model of the street lamp. Edit or translate this description.
Used on these elements
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Status: de facto


lamp_model=* describes the make and model of an individual street lamp or lighting tower.


The naming of the key is based on the naming format of the lamp_mount=* and lamp_type=* keys.


This tag is valid for node nodes only. It requires one of the following tags:

Other recommended tags include:


Key Value Element Type Comment Photo
lamp_model CU Phosco P850 node LED
lamp_model Philips SGS253 node SON Also known as the Iridium.
lamp_model Philips SGS306 node SON Also known as the Trafficvision.
lamp_model Philips SRP826 node SON
lamp_model Philips MA50 node SOX Also known as the Philips SRS201. Once very common in western Europe.
lamp_model Philips MA60 node SOX
lamp_model Philips MA90 node SOX
lamp_model Schréder RX node SOX Once very common in Belgium.
lamp_model Schréder Teceo 2 node LED
lamp_model Urbis ZX3 node SON Urbis ZX3


A proposal exists to replace this key with lantern=* or light:model=*, as part of a review how editors tag lighting in a broader context. For more information, see this proposal for light_source=*.

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