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The legal maximum axleload in metric tonnes. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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maxaxleload indicates the legal load weight limit per axle, when the weight limit is given as a formula based on the number of axles.

If no unit is included, the value is assumed to be in metric tonnes (t, 1000 kg). In the United States, the weight given on signs is either in short tons (abbreviated as either "tons" or "T") or pounds (abbreviated "lbs"). You must explicitly specify the unit if it is not in metric tonnes.

If the sign lists a specific weight for each number of axles, then use maxweight:conditional=* with the vehicle property axles.


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  2. Each Class I weight for an axle configuration is multiplied by 0.7. For 2-axle and 3-axle vehicles, the maximum axle load (4600 kg) limits the gross weight further below 70% of Class I.