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Public-images-osm logo.svg medical_supply
Group the available medical supply in Categories Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: health
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesshould not be used on waysmay be used on areas (and multipolygon relations)use on relations unspecified
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Status: in use

Medical care would like to describe in broad categories: those available for a private person medical goods, for Rehabilation or for Orthopedic purposes, for personal mobility or diabetic diseases. These products are available in amenity=pharmacy, shop=chemist and in shop=medical_supply.

You can supply the shops with this tag Narrow or determine. Use the tag as follows:

How to tag

Use medical_supply=* to label a feature that provides a medical Services and Products.

Also you can use the values:
medical_supply=no - There is no offer of medical supply Products.
medical_supply=yes - There is a limited offer of medical supply Products.
medical_supply=only - The offer includes only medical supply Products.

Different types of medical supply

With several classifications, values can be separated by a semicolon.
1. Example: shop=medical_supply + medical_supply=diabetic;orthopedic
2. Example: amenity=pharmacy + medical_supply=diagnostic;home_care;wound&skin

Tag Example Description Information
medical_supply=diabetic Diabetic shoes.jpg Diabetics care, Insulin and accessories, Blood glucose test, literature, Food and dietary supplements, Speciality Shoes and socks wikipedia:diabetic
medical_supply=orthopedic Short leg cast.jpg Orthopedic devices, Arm Slings, Pillows, Posture Support, Physiotherapy Products, Speciality Shoes wikipedia:Orthopedic_surgery
medical_supply=orthotics Ankle Foot Orthosis leg brace worn on the left foot with ankle hinge.jpg Orthosis Manufaktur, Adaptation and Production of certified Orthotists wikipedia:Orthotics
medical_supply=mobility Elektro-Rollstuhl 15 kmh.JPG Mobility and Rehabilation. Wheelchairs, Stair lifts, Walking Aids, Canes, Crutches (see also shop=mobility_scooter for a place selling mobility scooters) wikipedia:Mobility_aid
medical_supply=diagnostic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor.jpg Diagnostic Accessoires, Stethoscope, Blood Pressure Monitor, Pulse Oximeter, Thermometer, Test Kits, Blood Collection Set's, PEN
medical_supply=respiratory Incentive spirometer.jpg Respiratory Accessoires, Tracheal Care, Oxygen Products, Spirometer, Compressor / Nebulizer wikipedia:Respiratory_system
medical_supply=home_care Incontinence pad for men package 1.jpg Homecare-Products, Elderly Care, Assistive Furniture, Bath Safety, Enteral Nutrition, Incontinence Products, Urological / Ostomy Products wikipedia:Home_care
medical_supply=wound&skin Medicazione.JPG Wound Care Products. Skin Care Products. Often found in Pharmacies