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The military tag is for buildings and land used by the military (Navy, Army, Airforce, Marines). Edit or translate this description.
Group: Military
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Tags with the military key are used for buildings and land used by the Army, Navy, Airforce and any other kind of military or paramilitary in the host country. There's also landuse=military for tagging land areas owned/used by the military for whatever purpose.

Caution: In some territories, it is illegal to create maps of military facilities. With the act of surveying on-the-ground OSMers may be particularly at risk of attracting legal consequences, even in more liberal countries. Laws and sensitivity in general will vary depending on the type of facility. Some countries also have laws prohibiting the creation of such maps from aerial imagery, and even the use and distribution of maps containing this information. Clearly such activities can take place outside of the law's jurisdiction. A further dimension to the problem though, is that using OpenStreetMap can be illegal when other contributors have mapped these things. There's further discussion here at Talk:Key:military and elsewhere. In general you are advised to exercise caution and know your rights related to mapping military facilities.


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