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Relative indication that a way gets narrower. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Sometimes, highways or waterways get narrower for a brief period of time, such as "under" a long-removed bridge. They can also be narrow because of parked cars. It's useful, when reading a map, to know that this is coming. It's also a handy navigational aid.

How to map

Add narrow=yes to the part of the way that gets narrower.


Temporary narrowing of blue line in case of waterways


Photo Tags Remarks
Narrow-sign.jpg narrow=yes A residential road with a relative indication that it's getting narrower.
20110907 liege01.jpg narrow=yes The cars parked on both sides of an otherwise large enough road render it narrow.

See also

  • hazard=road_narrows - A place where the road narrows immediately following the sign
  • width=* - specify the width of a way
  • lanes=* - the physical amount of travel lanes on a way, may decrease on a narrow section
  • priority=* - marks which direction has the right of way when two vehicles meet and are unable to pass each other
  • traffic_calming=choker, traffic_calming=chicane - a point along a road, that is narrowed/sharply curved, deliberately designed to slow down or discourage motor vehicle traffic
  • Approved features/Narrows