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Defines opening hours during the coronavirus pandemic Show/edit corresponding data item.
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The coronavirus pandemic caused short- and longer-term disruptions affecting the opening hours of many businesses and services, leading to changes in their opening hours to comply with government guidelines and regulations, in addition to staffing changes. The tag opening_hours:covid19=* was invented to identify these changed opening hours. It is based on the same semantics as opening_hours=* with some minor changes.

In some places in the world regulations have largely been removed; in others they remain; and in many places more permanent operating changes have been made (e.g. some office workplaces not requiring employee on-site presence every day, resulting in different demand for supporting shops and other businesses).

If it appears that a business's opening hours have been changed permanently or for a longer term, then the normal opening_hours=* tag should be used, rather than this one. If the opening hours are just "for the duration of the pandemic" and are not long-term changes, or because of temporary local legislation then use this tag. This applies extremely rarely, if ever - as "short-duration, as long as COVID19 is present" become a clear oxymoron.

Note that this tags should not be removed blindly - for example restaurant with opening_hours:covid19=closed may benefit from resurvey as in some areas it may have high chance of never reopening. Please consult Automated Edits code of conduct before any mass removal.


This tag was added to existing tags of a business or service. If opening_hours=* already exists, don't remove it and don't change the key to transform it into opening_hours:covid19=*. Instead, the right behaviour is to add a new tag opening_hours:covid19=*. It will be then easier to come back to "normal".

The following values are used to denote if a business or service is open, has modified opening hours or is closed during the containment:

Type of schedule during the containment Syntax Comments

(compared to usual opening hours)

modified and explicitly known opening_hours:covid19=* Use same format as opening_hours=*
modified but only approximately known or hard to describe opening_hours:covid19=restricted Describe the opening rules in description:covid19=*

For instance:description:covid19=Daily open, Monday morning off

open business or service with unknown opening hours, possibly modified compared to usual opening_hours:covid19=open
closed business or service opening_hours:covid19=off
Only if business is completely stopped (no takeaway, delivery or drive-through)

More details

  • capacity:covid19=* to indicate the maximum number of persons allowed at the same time in the place (information for the general public)
  • description:covid19=* for details about the terms of access to the service (information for the general public)
  • note=* or note:covid19=* for information to other OSM contributors

Important : Don't add :covid19 to existing tags, create new entries ending with :covid19 to ease the move back to the previous, normal situation.

Rendering & Editors

For France, Ça reste ouvert shows the opening hours of business and services during containment and offers an easy way to edit these tags. The German/Austrian version Bleibt offen is not available anymore.

AnyFinder for rendering (only for iPhones and iPads). OsmAnd also shows the alternative opening hours.

For the specific keys, you can use the available editors or those provided here for opening hours. A convenient one is YoHours. There is also a plugin for JOSM called OpeningHoursEditor.

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