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Colour of the roof Edit or translate this description.
Group: Buildings
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The colour of the roof of a building or building part. Mostly used for 3D mapping.

The value syntax is identical to that of colour=*. Note, however, that the interpretation of colour names differs between different 3D rendering applications. See ListOfColours for a list of predefined colors or use hexadecimal notation, e.g. #FFFFFF for white.


colour roof:colour= description
  #c75d4d bright red brick rooftilet, often only brand new tiles
  #a3331e red coloured brick rooftiles
  maroon maroon coloured brick rooftiles
  #4a0505 very dark red brick rooftiles
  #28282d black bricks
  #A2A0A0 a nice grey for a lot of roofings
  #43b3ae verdigris for copper roofs, same colour as statue of liberty
  white sometimes on hospitals and industrial buildings

A good helper to seek for colour hex values is Use the search for what color you have in mind.

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