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Public-images-osm logo.svg roof:colour
Domed roof over the Terem Palace churches, Moscow Kremlin.jpg
Colour of the roof. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: buildings
Used on these elements
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Status: de facto

The colour of the roof of a building or building part.

Mostly used for 3D building visualization. Note, that the interpretation of colour names differs between different 3D rendering applications.

It should be used together with the building=* or building:part=* tag.


  • The colour should be given in hexadecimal, preceded by a # sign, e.g. #FFFFFF.
  • You can use a descriptive name for the basic colours, e.g. white, red. However, the interpretation of the colour given in this form may vary among different 3D renderers.

Example values

Popular roof types
Description Colour Photo
Tile, brick-red colour #E96B39 Harzer Pfanne - Gesamtbild.jpg
tar paper roof, grey colour,
flat roofs often have this colour
#808080 Rooftar.png
copper roof, patina-covered #6EBE9F Minneapolis City Hall.jpg
crimson #DC143C Building with a red roof at Kiptopeke State Park.jpg
graphite #36454F Bazylika Limanowa - remont dachu - dachówka coppino tirolo Industrie Cotto Possagno (1).jpg
rosewood #532F28 The brown roof city, Ibadan.jpg
green roof #469536 Green roof.jpg
Most commonly used values from Taginfo
colour roof:colour= description
  gray grey
  red red
  black black
  #999999 silver
  brown brown
  #bbad8e beige
  white sometimes on hospitals and industrial buildings
  maroon maroon coloured brick rooftiles
  silver silver
  #c75d4d bright red brick rooftilet, often only brand new tiles
  #a3331e red coloured brick rooftiles
  #4a0505 very dark red brick rooftiles
  #28282d black bricks
  #A2A0A0 a nice grey for a lot of roofings
  #43b3ae verdigris for copper roofs, same colour as statue of liberty
  #21373d one kind of traditional Chinese roof_tile colour


  • It is not always easy to choose a colour from a photo. Photos are of varying quality and colours can look different in different photos.
Colour differences of the same building in different photos
Building with a red roof at Kiptopeke State Park.jpg White building with red roof at Kiptopeke State Park.jpg
Colour differences of the same building at different hours
MarekDSC 0281.JPG MarekDSC 0280.JPG MarekDSC 0292.JPG
Early in the morning (too much yellow colour) Sunny noon (too strong contrasts) Late morning, light overcast
  • Beware of optical illusions – a colour in contrast with other colours can look different than it does on its own. Examples:
Both the yellow dots and the backgrounds of the fields on which they are located have identical colours.
The two small squares are exactly the same colour, but the right one looks darker.
  • Instead of this tag, you can use building:material=*, based on which 3D renderers often assign a colour.

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