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This gallery should help contributors like you to make a more precise and objective decision in which smoothness=* category to put a road you survey. The initial version of this table is based on the descriptions and pictures from the smoothness=* wiki page, Berlin/Verkehrswende/smoothness, on a long hunt to find fitting pictures for the implementation of the Smoothness-quest for StreetComplete, summarized in PR #3617 and on discussions on the OSM community forum here .

Note that each category covers a certain range of surface quality and hence, for many surfaces in reality it will be difficult to decide whether they fall into the upper range of one category or into the lower range of the next best category (e.g. "good" bad or "bad" intermediate). So, since this is a collection of many pictures, some of them too may be in the lower or in the upper range of one category, especially because individual opinions on what surface would still be usable ok by which vehicle type differ. It is quite subjective after all. Also, it depends on the context, i.e. how the rest of the road looks like.

The smoothness values horrible, very_horrible and impassable are omitted for paved surfaces because it is impossible to find pictures of paved roads that are in such a bad shape that they would classify as worse than very_bad. Those values are mostly only found on unpaved dirt tracks or mountain paths. The second gallery shows pictures for some unpaved surfaces where the smoothness values excellent and goodare omitted because no pictures of unpaved roads in such good condition were found. If you find photos of worse than very_bad paved or better than intermediate unpaved roads or paths, feel free to contribute.

When contributing to this gallery, please bear in mind that

  • Since smoothness=* is primarily a scale to evaluate by which vehicle type a surface is still ok to use and because the tag is independent of the surface=*, the overall usability by different vehicle types should be comparable along one column of this table. For example, all the pictures in the column for bad should be at least uncomfortable to ride on with a city bike and slow you down considerably because of its roughness.
  • Pictures you add should not show basically the same thing as another picture already but some other variation of that same smoothness. The point of this gallery is to show all the different kinds of surfaces that result in a certain smoothness=* category due to their properties - be it various kinds of damages (potholes etc) or be it inherently (large gravel)


excellent good intermediate bad very_bad
Usable by roller skates, skateboards, racing bikes, kick scooters, city bikes, motorscooters, sport cars, trekking bikes, normal cars, SUVs and other cars with higher clearance




No image placeholder.gif
sett -
unhewn_cobblestone - - -
compacted -
intermediate bad very_bad horrible very_horrible
Usable by city bikes, motorscooters, sport cars, trekking bikes, normal cars, SUVs and other cars with higher clearance heavy-duty off road vehicles tractor, ATV, tanks, trial, mountain bike and all kind of off-highway vehicles



No image placeholder.gif
No image placeholder.gif
Smoothness intermediate unpaved.jpg
No image placeholder.gif
Smoothness very bad.jpg
Smoothness horrible.jpg
No image placeholder.gif



20240303 151530c.jpg
No image placeholder.gif
20240302 162037c.jpg
Village roads.jpg
Very horrible ruts.jpg

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