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Step contrast.jpg
Indicates if steps of a stairs have specific colour to help visually-impaired people Edit or translate this description.
Group: Accessibility
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Status: draft


The key step:contrast=* is used to define if stairs have a specific colour for its steps to help visually-impaired people see them easily.

How to map

This tag is mainly used in combination with highway=steps, which designates stairs.

step:contrast=* can have the following values:

  • yes: the stairs have dedicated colouring to help visually impaired people
  • no: the stairs don't have a specific colour (not painted, or painted with a neutral colour)
  • bad: the stairs have dedicated colouring, but the paint is faded due to usage or weather


Picture/description Tags Comments
Step contrast.jpg It is not necessary all steps to have the specific painting, only the first one and the last one at least must be painted.
Stairs with ramp.jpg No distinction between steps, in a neutral colour
Step contrast bad.jpg Step material helps to see where they are, but are dirty and not so visible.

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