LINZ Chatham Islands import status

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This page describes a historic artifact in the history of OpenStreetMap. It does not reflect the current situation, but instead documents the historical concepts, issues, or ideas.
Captured time

  • To sort this table by both geometry type and import status, first sort by the secondary sort column, and then by the primary sort column.

List of LINZ layers (Chathams)

Name Group Geometry Type Status
airport_poly Airport Polygon Imported
beacon_pnt Beacon Point Imported
boatramp_cl Boatramp Linestring Imported
breakwtr_cl Breakwater Linestring Imported
bridge_cl Bridge Linestring Imported
building_pnt Building Point Imported
building_poly Building Polygon Imported
cattlstp_pnt Gate Point Imported
cemetery_pnt Cemetery Point Imported
cemetery_poly Cemetery Polygon Imported
cliff_edge Cliff Linestring Imported
contour Ground surface Linestring Do not import (update CycleMap SRTM?)
dam_cl Dam Linestring Imported
descrip_text Text Point Imported
drain_cl Watercourse Linestring Imported
exotic_poly Woodland Polygon Imported
fence_cl Fence Linestring Imported
ford_pnt Ford Point Imported
gate_pnt Gate Point Imported
geo_name Text Point Imported
golf_crs_poly Golf course Polygon Imported
grave_pnt Grave site Point Imported
height_pnt Spot height Point Do not import (update CycleMap SRTM?)
island_poly Island Polygon Imported
lagoon_poly Lagoon Polygon Imported
lake_poly Lake Polygon Imported
mast_pnt Tower Point Imported
monument_pnt Monument Point Imported
mud_poly Ground Polygon Imported
native_poly Woodland Polygon Imported
powerline_cl Transmission line Linestring Imported
quarry_poly Mine Polygon Imported
racetrk_cl Racetrack Linestring Imported
reef_poly Reef Polygon Imported
river_cl Watercourse Linestring Imported
river_poly Watercourse Polygon Imported
road_cl Road Linestring Imported
rock_pnt Shore Point Imported
rock_poly Shore Polygon Imported
runway_poly Runway Polygon Imported
sand_poly Ground Polygon Imported
sat_stn_pnt Antenna Point Imported
scatscrb_poly Woodland Polygon Imported
scrub_poly Woodland Polygon Imported
shelt_blt_cl Shelterbelt Linestring Imported
shingle_poly Ground Polygon Imported
soakhole_pnt Soakhole Point Imported
stockyard_pnt Stockyard Point Imported
swamp_pnt Wetland Point Imported
swamp_poly Wetland Polygon Imported
tank_pnt Tank Point Imported
track_cl Road Linestring Imported
tree_pnt Tree Point Imported
wharf_cl Wharf Linestring Imported
wreck_pnt Wreck Point Imported