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Q. There are various situations where a feature has different names in different languages. In some regions, places and streets have names in all local languages. People will also want to render maps in a specific (not necessary local) language. See also Talk:Key:name.

A. People seem to generally agree on using name:code where code is a language's ISO 639-1 code, or ISO 639-2 if an ISO 639-1 code doesn't exist.


  • what should the plain name tag be (local name, at least if not disputed), and how to specify the language that the name tag is in.
  • how to specify transliterations. It has been proposed to use a key of name:code_trans where code is as above and trans specifies the transliteration. There doesn't appear to be a standard list of transliteration codes.
Street signs in Lebanon are written in Arabic and in French, tagging is name=بيروت for arabic name name:fr=Beyrouth for the french version, for the english version name:en=Beirut.

Q. I spoke to an IT guy in the fuel distribution. i may have access to all their GPS locations (united gaz stations) . Can we upload categorized POIs to osm? the osm website upload tool accepts only tracks, right?

A. You can upload anything that is :

1) Consistent with OSM Privacy Policy Privacy_Policy

2) no copyrighted or at least you have written agreement that they give you public data , not covered by copyright or other proprietary clause

3) any thing for community use having Lat , Long coordinates , the question is that OSM has it's own rendering for features and POI look here :


Proposed_Icons and thereof

4) You can propose a new feature , it is submitted to a vote and rejected if other people don't show interest in it.

Q. I am looking for a place/village name in Lebanon, I am not sure about the spelling , where can I search ?

A. Complete searchable list is available here LebanonPlaceNames

Q. I woke up this morning to see that most of the secondary roads around my living place are screwed up. It took me hours to fix these roads. The problem show only in the edit page. The view page is still ok. How can i know who did that?

A. The last user who did an edit on a feature can be seen in the Potlatch interface under Layer (the + sign on top right ) window , below maplint choose data then zoom , then look at history in the left window. With Merkaartor click on the node/way and the last change and user name appears in the window Information

Q. Where can I download Merkaartor

A. http://www.irule.be/bvh/c++/merkaartor/

Q. What is better mapping ?

A. Better_Mapping_Seminar

Q. Where can I find info about how routing works ?

A. Routing_with_osm_data

Q. I have a question, I need help ? Are there any mailing lists for this project.

A. Yes, you need to subscribe to one of them here http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Template:Mailing_lists

Q. My GPS device/Datalogger outputs NMEA strings format , how can I convert them to GPX format ?

A. You need gpsbabel to convert to gpx format, here is a short linux command:

gpsbabel -i nmea  -f myinputfile.nmea   -o gpx -F myoutputfile.gpx

Q. I am using a GPS datalogger to record travel tracks, what should be the sampling frequency ?


Avg. Speed Avg traveled distance in m, rounded to the nearest integer

When logging trackpoint every...
Example Km/h ~ m/s 1 sec 5 sec 10 sec 20 sec 30 sec 60 sec
Walking man 5 1 1 7 14 28 42 83
Marathon running 10 3 3 14 28 56 83 167
Bike,Horse riding 20 6 6 28 56 111 167 333
Car city 30 8 8 42 83 167 250 500
Car city 40 11 11 56 111 222 333 667
Car 50 14 14 69 139 278 417 833
Car 60 17 17 83 167 333 500 1000
Car 70 19 19 97 194 389 583 1167
Car 80 22 22 111 222 444 667 1333
Car highway 90 25 25 125 250 500 750 1500
Car highway 100 28 28 139 278 556 833 1667
Car highway 120 33 33 167 333 667 1000 2000
Car highway 130 36 36 181 361 722 1083 2167
Car highway 140 39 39 194 389 778 1167 2333



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Q. What kind of tag is_in is best suited for Lebanon ?

A. Please use this scheme:

is_in= Lebanon,Koura
is_in= Lebanon, Beirut
is_in= Lebanon,Bekaa

Q. How accurate are OSM Maps or what is the map scale for a particular zoom level of the map

A. http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/FAQ#What_is_the_map_scale_for_a_particular_zoom_level_of_the_map.3F