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Discord is propritary voice chat and real time instant messaging system, similar to Slack or IRC. It is popular with the computer gaming community. It has a web app, and Android and iOS apps. There are several "servers" for OpenStreetMap.

Local community chats by continent / country

Link to group Country Group name Website
https://discord.gg/FUSt3sx International World Chat Group
https://discord.gg/bQn4aCm Brazil OSM Brasil http://www.openstreetmap.com.br/
https://discord.gg/gqRMhVP Germany OSM Deutschland https://www.openstreetmap.de/karte.html
https://discord.gg/mhvmg7S Hong Kong SAR OpenStreetMap – Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta
https://discord.gg/0fRISIZ8VwIjEowj Philippines OSMph
https://discord.gg/aK7xmKQ Poland OpenStreetMap Polska http://openstreetmap.org.pl/
https://discord.me/OSM United States OSM US AW
https://discord.gg/CUY6BTZ US USA_Eastern/Central The Undivided https://discord.me/theundivided

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