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Discord is proprietary voice chat and real time instant messaging system, similar to Slack or IRC. It is popular with the computer gaming community, but due to quite nice interface it is quite popular in general. It has a web app, and Android and iOS apps.


Invite Link Country Name Notes Website
https://discord.gg/openstreetmap International OpenStreetMap World Primary server. Predominantly English. Has channels for other languages, however they aren't regularly active at the time of writing. This servers is bridged to matrix at https://matrix.to/#/+osmworld:privacytools.io
https://discord.gg/bFEXdK5EHP International UN Mappers Direct communication channel for the UN Mappers community (languages: English and French) Unite Maps Initiative/UN Mappers
https://discord.gg/bQn4aCm Brazil OpenStreetMap Brasil http://www.openstreetmap.com.br/
https://discord.gg/wxNGfdT France OpenStreetMap France http://www.openstreetmap.fr/
https://discord.gg/mhvmg7S Hong Kong SAR OpenStreetMap – Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta
https://discord.gg/VjTUwtc Iran OSM Iran https://osmiran.ir
https://discord.gg/HvQWsMeQzT Poland OpenStreetMap Polska Main place of Polish community for voice chats, primary Discord server for discussions in Polish https://openstreetmap.org.pl/
https://discord.gg/mhvmg7S Portugal OpenStreetMap Portugal
https://discord.me/OSM United States OSM US USA OSM Discord with separated chat per state available. (Note that this is not affiliated with OpenStreetMap US, the US local chapter of the OSMF)
https://discord.gg/nCvMD4xj4K International A/B Street For the A/B Street software, with a channel focused on importing OSM data and exporting lane geometry http://abstreet.org


You can add the Template:User Discord userbox to indicate you are part of a OSM Discord server.

Discord Logo Discord uses Discord as @Example#0000

Wiki users who add this userbox are added to Category:Discord user.

OpenStreetMap World server statistics

As of Dec 31, 2023

  • Total member count: 4896

As of June 14, 2022

  • Total member count: 3476

As of February 25, 2021

  • Total member count: 1827

As of February 7, 2021[1]

  • Messages sent: Between 8,000 and 12,000 a month
  • Unique visitors: 650 a month
  • Active members: 150 a month
  • Growth: +30 members a month

OSM World Discord Server messages per day 07-02-2021.png

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