London/Summer 2008 Mapping Party Marathon/2008-04-30

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This is a Past event. The first mapping party in the Summer 2008 Mapping Party Marathon series.


2008-04-30 Wednesday evening

Start Meeting Point

Stockwell Tube Station [1] 17:30-18:30

Stockwell Tube Station is on the Victoria and Northern lines, in zone 2.

The nearest Mainline stations are Wandsworth Road (ex Victoria) and Queenstown Road (ex Waterloo / Clapham Junction)

After Mapping Meetup

Meet at The Priory Arms, between 19:30 - 20:30, depending how hardcore you want to be.

Cake diagram

Cake diagram of the area (map)

There are 24 parts to the cake, in varying sizes. They are numbered in a clockwise spiral from Stockwell Tube Station. If you want to pre-allocate yourself an area, please put your name against the appropriate segment number below. Pre-allocation will mean that you will be able to just start mapping, without needing to meetup beforehand. If you really are an energetic hard core mapper then go and take 5 segments.

1. Firefishy


3. Firefishy

4. Smsm1

5. Smsm1

6. Harry Wood

7. Harry Wood

8. Randomjunk

9. Randomjunk

10. Randomjunk


12. user:nickb

13. user:nickb


15. Smsm1

16. (If you pick this, you get two zone 16s to choose from :-) Gravitystorm 13:48, 30 April 2008 (UTC)



19. Steve

20. Steve

21. Steve

22. Gravitystorm probably

23. Gravitystorm

24. Gravitystorm


Sketchy lines style map showing unnamed roads more clearly
  • Create series of zoom 17 printed maps for using on the ground


Shaun McDonald 07879610632

Who's coming

  • Harry Wood - After work I'll get there about 7pm approaching from Vauxhuall, map slices 6 & 7 then head to the pub for about 8pm. Might need to buy an umbrella
  • Randomjunk - Definitely on bike as it's on my way home, won't be able to make it before 18:30 though, maybe a virtual meet up, or call someone to home in on their GPS coords :-)
  • TomChance maybe as I've been mapping just to the West with my girlfriend anyway, but can't make it there before 18:30ish either
  • User:amm - I will try and make it.