London/Summer 2008 Mapping Party Marathon/2008-09-03

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Big gathering at the Rocket pub in Euston

This is a past event. The 18th Mapping Party in the Summer 2008 London Mapping Marathon series is in Euston, Central London, around where OpenStreetMap started in 2004. This party is more a fix and complete the data, than a name the streets party.

Where: Euston, Central London (normal map, unnamed streets map)

When : Wednesday 3rd September - Evening.

Getting to Euston

Transport for London Zone 1. Mainline trains to the north, and various tube lines.

The pub

The Rocket, on the Main Road between Euston and St Pancras/Kings Cross. On a corner with Chalton Street (map) Lively student pub.

Cake Diagram

Cake diagram, edit this section to grab one!

1. Randomjunk (if I make it)

2. TomH


4. osde8info


6. Harry Wood

7. Matt

8. LastGrape/Gregory (LwD)


10. Firefishy - Walking in from St. John's Wood Tube

11. Dan Karran


13. Mike Wood and Smsm1

Who's coming?


Smsm1 or email, smsm1/shaunmcdonald on IRC, mobile 07879610632