London Hack Weekend Dec 2012

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Here we are hacking (Saturday morning)
more photos on flickr

The London Hack Weekend Dec 2012 is a past event which took place on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December 2012 in London.

For forthcoming events in London see London#Events

Hosted by 10gen with food by

Big thanks to our hosts: 10gen, the mongoDB company. (and Derick)

More big thanks to who sponsored the hack weekend (a.k.a. paid for some lunch)

photos harry diary entry

Things people hacked upon

This list may not be complete. please edit.

  • TomH worked on Notes (formerly known as OpenStreetBugs) and converting it OpenLayers -> Leaflet.
  • Robert Scott showed us a tool he's been building which process GPS traces and compares routes with those from OSRM to discover where streets seem missing or oneways are wrong (assuming it's trace while driving)
  • Derick - Worked on his "year of edits" video animation (since releasesd!) and made a MongoDB powered XAPI-like system to help power Tom Morris' thing
  • User:Tom Morris - Worked on osmcheckin a foursquare-like checkin system for OSM POIS
  • Andy Allan worked on openstreetmap-carto, his carto port of the OpenStreetMap 'standard' stylesheet.
  • Harry Wood - made some improvements to XAPI URL Builder and tweaked bash scripts for replication, running the railways extract
  • nw3biz learned some OpenLayers markers tricks following Harry's examples

Original sign up list

Filmmaker Penny Woolcock also visited on the Saturday morning!

We're also listed on lanyrd where you can also add yourself as attending/tracking in order to help spread some social calendaring kudos.

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