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This is a sample page which demonstrates the use of the templates Template:TagDefBegin, Template:TagDefEnd and Template:TagDef for a new Map Feature list.


  • a tag definition is always structured with a TagDef-Template
  • it is automatically rendered by Wiki template expansion
  • harvesters can quite easily parse and analyse the information in the template declarations

A sample table generated with the templates


a description

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
highway residential wayarea The common default name. (Note: For disputed areas, please use the name as displayed on e.g. street signs for the name tag. Put all alternatives into either localized name tags (e.g. name:tr/name:el) or the variants (e.g. loc_name/old_name/alt_name) Rendering-highway residential.png Residential.jpg

name User Defined waynodearea Roads accessing or around residential areas but which are not a classified or unclassified highway.

access no/yes/designated/permissive/destination waynodearea should be displayed